5 Ways to Prevent Hair Bundles Shedding

Most of the women who use the human hair weave, usually experience shedding of the hair bundle. Don’t worry! There are many reasons for the shedding, but there are also many ways to prevent it.

Way1: Sealing the Wefts

If the weft is cut to different styles, then it's easy to shed. Before installing hair bundles with closure, you can use a premium weft sealer to prevent this case. Besides, fabric glues and other similar alternatives are also available, but they may not offer lasting results. If necessary, you may ask your stylist to seal it properly.

Way2: Comb and brushing appropriately

It's essential to brush your hair weave bundle properly. Excessive combing of the weaves can loosen the weft and result in the hair shedding. You should brush the hair bundle when they are wet, you should ensure half of the hair there is no heavy shedding. Also, brushing the hair from the bottom-most section. Gentle stroke from bottom to top is a simple and effective way to prevent hair shedding.

Way3: Proper Moisturizing

Moisturizing the weaves with natural shampoo and conditioner, which must be used once a week. Also, Being gentle on your hair. The more you care, the healthier and better your hair will be especially for curly hair extensions!

Way4: Avoid Intense Heat

Don't use a hot hair dry blower to dry the hair, which is unhealthy and will damage them. If you wish a new style, it is recommended to get it done from an expert stylist.

Way5: Wrapping it to the Fullest

Wrapping your hair with a silk scarf during the night, which is the best way to prevent shedding of hair while you are sleeping. It is because wrapping hair prevents them from drying, breaking, and tangling while you sleep. However, make sure that you don’t tie them too hard or tight as this can also lead to shedding.

Hope I can help you, and you no longer worry about hair sheddding!

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