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Are you looking for a new hairstyle? Have you ever though trying cute curly and wavy hairstyle? Well, do have a look at these two hairstyles now, maybe a surprise is waiting for you.

Curly hairstyle

If you usually pay attention to fashion, then I believe you also know that curly hair style has always been one of the most popular hairstyles and best quality hair extensions. It comes with Brazilian curly hair, Malaysian curly hair, Peruvian curly hair and Indian curly hair - different textures to customers.

The curly hairstyle is very curly, very soft and elastic, with a bohemian style. These best curly hair bundles can blends very well with any natural textured hair that will be perfect for women who are natural and still have weaves done and want to have some hair left out.

Deep wave hairstyle

The deep wave curl pattern is close to the Jerry curl pattern which is often confused with Jerry's curl, because it has a similar appearance to Jerry's curls when the hair is rolled up. Deep-wave hairstyles are more tightly curled compared to body waves, relaxed waves or natural virgin remy human hair, but slightly looser than curls.

virgin remy human hair

Similarities – Similar Curl Pattern

Deep wave and curly hairstyle are both curly in their own right and have similar curl pattern. When it comes to deep wave and curly hair weave, most people often mix this two up.

Similarities – Require High Maintenance

As deep wave and curly hairstyle is tightly coiled, so that they will easily tangle. Even though this two hairstyle are strong, they are actually quite fragile and often dry and then need a lot of maintenance to maintain its state.

Difference – Tightness Of The Curl

The difference of deep wave and curly hairstyle mostly depends on the tightness of the curl. Generally speaking, curly hairstyle has a more tight curl compared to deep wave hairstyle.

Difference – Thickness of the curl

The Curly hairstyle looks more thick with a very small and tight curl compared with deep wave hair. On the other hand, deep wave hair is more relatively fluffy than curly hairstyle that do not flatter you face shape.

Whether you choose deep waves or curly hair, it is recommended to choose according to your own hair needs. I believe there is always one that is best for you.



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