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 Have you ever bought a wig? Do you know how to wear a wig? There are two ways to wear a wig: 1. Wear it with glue and 2. Wear it directly


1. Wear it with glue

If you've ever bought a wig which is worn with glue and you wear it frequently, you must be or will be crazy about the hair glue though your hair is virgin remy human hair. A lot of people say that standard hair glue is harmless to the human body. However, all of the things outside human body itself are foreign objects, so the foreign materials all have an impact on our body and the difference among them is that how much damage they cause. That is why the recipient who has required transplanted organ must be placed on immunosuppressive therapy.

I once saw a video. A woman recorded a video showing her scalp skin, which is scarred and uneven after using hair glue for a long time. The reason she recorded this video is to exhort people not to leave lifelong scars for a moment's convenience and beauty. Thus, it is time to change your hair and buy some best quality hair extensions.


2. Wear it directly

Fortunately, the current technology for making wigs is getting more sophisticated.Almost all wigs can be worn directly to the head with hairpin instead of using glue and it is very strong. Although, wearing wigs with hairpin is convenient and far less harmful than the wigs wearing by glue, there is still a problem that the wear of time. Normally, the wigs will be worn at least half a day, a hairstyle in the morning and the other hairstyle in the afternoon, or worn even longer, a week or a month. The longer you wear it, the less time your scalp breathes. (Some reading this may think: Does the scalp needs to breathe?

The answer is absolutely yes. The vegetables that have been picked up need to breathe, so why the living scalp doesn't need to breathe?) If the scalp is under the wigs for a long period of time and it doesn't breath smoothly, the scalp will be oily, which will promote bacterial growth and then hair loss will occur. Therefore, in order to effectively avoid this situation or reduce the probability of this situation, it is important to choose a standard wig. 

Where can you find the standard wigs? Come to Meetuhair, a virgin hair vender.


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