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When you have Brazilian straight virgin hair for the first month, you do love your flawless hair which brings you a fresh look. However, as time goes by, you do want to change into body wave hair. Girls like to be changeable because of different dressing and makeup. As we know that hair extension is a big investment for most people especially who buy at remy hair prices. So we treat hair extension like ours and don’t want to say hi with any heat product including hot curler. For people want to have sexy curly hair, how to curl straight hair without hot curler?

There are so many answers- have the braid, use hair roller, and so on. Today Meetuhair is going to introduce you an interesting way to curl hair without hurting hair--T-shirt curling.

The T-shirt can be seen in our daily life. How can you imagine that it plays an influence in curling hair? Now let me show you the details as follow.

  1. Find a casual light and thin T-shirt and twist it from two sides in opposite directions till into a strand of rope, tying them together with a leather band to form a circle.
  2. Simply comb the hair smoothly and then divide it into the right way. After that, put the circular T-shirt on top of the head.
  3. Take out part of the hair and wrap it gently around the T-shirt ring. After repeatedly wrap your hair around the T-shirt ring, use a hairpin to fix the tail on the T-shirt.
  4. Check the hair whether it is too tight or loose, and you can go to bed happily. Don’t worry about the discomfort causing by T-shirt, T-shirt ring upon the head is alright.
  5. After getting up in the morning, take off the fixed hairpin. The key step is to take off the rubber band first instead of the hair strand by strand, just, slowly rotate the T-shirt and a perfect body wave virgin hair is coming out!

How do you think of this unique curling hair wave? I believe that if you like body wave hair, you can’t miss this simple way!


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