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These days, I receive many messages that they ask me whether your cheap closure takes from the die. When I first saw these messages, I felt very confused. Is “die” or “dye”? Did they spell wrong? I never thought the word is “die” until I saw an article, which said that most of human hair take from the die. At that time, I fully understood what they mean and I thought the question was very funny and ridiculous. If you are suspicious as well that our hair is from the die, I want to ask you the following questions.

  1. How can we know the time that the woman with long hair will die?
  2. How can we know the place that the dead woman will be buried?
  3. If our hair is from the die, how can we know the person who has been buried is a woman with long hair?
  4. If our hair is really from the die, how many people should we employ to do the things that finding a dead woman and cutting her hair?

If you can't answer the above-mentioned questions, please do not be misled by others again or mislead others.

Finally, what I want to say is that our hair is 100% virgin remy human hair and we do not do business for just one day, or two days. We have been doing the business for nearly 20 years. Lie must and will be exposed. As a virtuous and credible virgin hair vendor, Meetu Hair  is above doing that. Welcome to buy and inspect our hair at any time.


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