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Hair care is necessary for girls in daily life. As for pats of people, they used to wash their hair before going out. However, when it comes to Brazilian hair extension, fresher even have question about the frequency time of washing hair. Today let’s talk about how often do you wash your Brazilian virgin hair extensions.
First of all, make sure that you have already bought high quality hair extension from reputation seller. It is human hair instead of synthetic hair. As the saying goes, one thing's success to luck, more important is diligence. The same as Brazilian hair extension. However, hair maintenance just like your diligence.
According to Brazilian hair bundles manufacturer,  it's suggested that washing your hair extension once or twice a week can keep your hair last long time and always look natural. As we all know, hair extensions are made from natural human hair. Comparing to natural hair, it don’t need to wash them everyday. On the other hand, leave them alone for a month may cause tangle and your hair will be a mess.
Think it about that who are willing to make friend or work with a mess girls. Tips for washing hair bundles should be remembered:1.brush your hair with  wide comb first in case of tangling 2, choose suitable shampoo and moisturizing conditioner so your hair would not easy to dry out 3. Wipe your hand on the towel gently and allow your hair air dry. At last you can also shea butter or hair essential oil in the ends. you’ve gotten do the whole progress and get in everything.
People always complain about they bought bad hair and throw them away, It is high time for their to ask themselves whether they treat their hair well. Scalp is part of our skin, so it should be clean to stimulate growth. It's still important to maintain a regularly weekly cleansing routine if you tend to show yourself with  gorgeous and luminous hair.


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