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A beautiful hairstyle is one of the glory of every woman, which helps to enhance their appearance, beauty and charm. Actually, there are many types of good quality virgin human hair bundles on the market, such as straight hair, wavy hair and so on. However, why has straight hair been favored by most women all the time? How much mystery does it contain? Today, we may wish to come into the world of straight hair and explore its charm.

Straight hair are the most classic hairstyle to play with accessories, especially brazilian straight hair. It is resilient, silky, robust, often-coveted and universally flattering hair type that is always in style, and gives a sleek, put-together look to the person wearing it.

Where does the straight hair come from?

Straight hair is generally 100% human hair collected from temples. In Southeast Asia, many women offer hair as a donation to God, perhaps for the sake of good luck in the future. The wholesale virgin hair suppliers then collect these hair and processes them for selling.

brazilian straight hair

The straight hairstyle comes in three types: silk straight, yaki straight, kinky straight.

Silky Straight

Silky Straight has a smooth texture and a very "European" or "Asian" hair feel as the hair's stratum corneum or scales are in the same direction. It is smooth, shiny, and silky to the touch that is very suitable for super sexy women.

Yaki straight

Yaki straight hairstyle is a hair that has treated to similar relaxed African hair. Yaki straight can have many variations including light yaki, yaki straight, Italian yaki, coarse yaki, etc. Do you known how is the texture of yaki straight formed? It is first tightly woven, wrapped around small metal rods, steamed in an oven to form a thicker or "yaki" texture, similar to normal African loose hair, which can be formed in a variety of thicknesses for Afro/Caribbean women.

Kinky straight

Kinky Straight is the most common type of straight hair. This straight hair is a bit loose and thicker, giving you the appearance of untouched natural black hair. This straight hairstyle is what is commonly referred to as "obscenity" or "twisted straight" and has an extremely natural appearance.

What straight texture should you get? I think the real point comes down to your preference ideas or your own hair needs. Well, just make your fashion dream come true with straight hair now!


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