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Hello, everyone. Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Jenny from Meetuhair, which is a new online hair store established by several like-minded and intelligent Chinese people. And I am just an ordinary employee being proud of my company. By the way, I was attracted to Brazilian straight hair at first.

Today, I want to ask you some questions. Will you buy a product in a new online store? Will you buy a product in a virgin hair vendor with few reviews and purchasing records, although you heard that the products in the store are favorable and high-quality? Moreover, what you heard is from the store owner's speaking and you cannot judge whether the words are reliable or not. Despite all this, will you buy the products in the store? If you will, what factors drive you to buy?

Straight virgin human hair

As we know, everything is difficult at the beginning, because it is difficult to ask someone to abandon what he know rather than what he doesn’t know. And doing a business is the same. As for me, it is difficult for me to buy a product in a new online hair weave store, which has few reviews and purchasing records. That's because I cannot touch the product physically. All the information I can know is from product description and there is no any useful review to let me judge the quality of the product. I' m not willing to take a risk and there are many other stores, which have opened a long time and have many useful reviews. However, unlike other new stores or existing stores, our online store is a new store with its own factory, which has been supplying virgin hair for about 20 years and providing OEM & ODM services for more 1,000 companies offline as a wholesale virgin hair supplier, being experienced and skillful. That means we can ensure our products quality and stable supply, though we are a new online hair store. 

I am so proud of that and I always mention it when I introduce my company to my new client. But my colleague told me that no one would care about your company at the beginning and others were just concerned about the price and the quality of the products. I don't know whether it is true or not, because different people have different culture and different opinions. But for me, company's history is very important and it can be a trusted standard. For many of us, it is difficult to insist on doing one thing and doing it well. However, my company did and it has been doing it for 20 years. What a difficult thing it is! And what a proud thing it is!

Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. Our store, Meetuhair now has a promotion program. All the hair is up to 35% off and you can gain an extra unlimited $5 coupon code. Our hair is 100% human hair in various hairstyles including loose wave hair, curly hair weave, deep wave hair, etc. We also provide drop shipping service, which can solve your inventory pressure and it will basically ease your financial stress. Our website address: Meetuhair.com


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