How to Make Halloween Wig Look Natural?

    Halloween is the perfect chance to be creative and pick a brand-new do. A high-quality wig with natural looking can help you transition perfectly into the character you are dressing up. Some people choose a natural human hair wig as a Halloween wig, but most prefer affordable synthetic wigs. Fortunately, no one will know the difference between your super cheap synthetic wig and virgin human hair wig. If you follow the suggestions below for how to make your Halloween wig look real!

     Since you will dress up on Halloween, why not go all out to make your wig look as natural as possible? Try it out now!

How to Make Halloween Wig Look Natural? Meetu Hair

1. Boiling Curls

    Boiling the hair might sound crazy, but we promise rolling foam curls into your synthetic wig and boiling it in water for three to ten seconds to give it the perfect beach wave. Let the wig dry and fluff it out for natural, soft curls.

2. Reduce the Shine 

    As we all know, synthetic hair is shinny than virgin human hair, so we need to do something to reduce the shine on the synthetic fiber, which will give a much more natural look. There are many ways to kill the shines of cheap synthetic wigs. We can use acrylic paint, but that needs to be washed after the processing. 

    Is there another way to kill the shine? Meetu Hair recommends sprinkling baby powder on the wig and running it through with your fingers to help dull it just enough to look natural.

3. Pump Up The Texture

    Highlighting the texture of the hair can also make it looks much more realistic. So when you are styling your costume wig for Halloween, you can do this easy step to make your wig looks better. Using a blow-dry, a blast of texturizing spray, and some roughing up. 

4. Add Volume & Movement

    It is no doubt that virgin human hair is more movement than a synthetic one, what is we must admit. So we need to learn how to add volume and slight waves to the wig to make it looks more like a human hair wig. We need a pair of scissors to cut in subtle layers and then use a curling iron on its lowest setting to roll it a bit.

5. Put It On Correctly

    The installation of a natural-looking wig requires skills. It is unrealistic to expect that the wig you put on randomly will give you a surprisingly natural look. So if you are not good at installing the wig by yourself, you can ask your friends or a professional hairstylist to install it for you.

    Team Meetu Hair hopes you have an amazing Halloween costume and have fun on Halloween!

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