Avoid these beginner mistakes when installing the lace wig!

    Hi there, this is Meetu Hair. We have found that many wig beginners would make some mistakes when installing the human hair lace wig. So today, we are going to share you with some common beginner's mistakes.

Avoid these beginner mistakes when installing the lace wig

1. Not blenching the knots or over blenching

    The main mistake that beginners make is not using the right products when bleaching the knots. We would recommend using a 30 developer with bw2 powder, but do not use a 40 developer because that will be too strong and will possibly bleach the roots of the wig and do not use a 20 because it's not strong enough, and you'll probably be waiting for quite some time.

    We need to take the brush paint the mixture onto the lace closure but do not apply pressure because it will leak onto the roots. Besides, one of the things that beginners always do is keep the mixture on for too long. Please keep it on for no longer than 7 to 12 minutes. If you keep it on longer, you'll most likely bleach the roots of the lace closure or the frontal.

2. Over plucking or not plucking at all

    Some beginners may over-pluck, or skip the plucking process. However, that's important because plucking helps to make it look natural. Therefore, when plucking, go in the same direction and not stay in the same place for too long.

3. Dirty skin/ base not clean

    Avoid wearing makeup before installing the lace wig because it might interfere with the products we're going to use, whether it's glue or hairspray. Instead, start with a clean hairline.

4. Not having a flat foundation/ bulky braids/puffy pony

    A widespread mistake is not having a very flat foundation. Either put braids underneath your wig or a nice flat ponytail. Mainly blow-dried hair underneath your wig, it will be puffy and look very unnatural

5. Cutting the lace

    A lot of people are intimidated by this cutting the lace. But in fact, it's so easy, be confident in yourself. Many beginners usually cut the lace too close to the hairline or too far from the hairline. So we need to find the best medium, not too close, not too far, cut off enough just in case you have to make any mistakes you can go and trim the rest off.

    And also, some beginners would make these large zigzag motion types of things when cutting the lace, but we need to make tiny little zigzag motions as we go from one part to the other. 

6. Wig placement

    Wig placement is critical. Many beginners would put the wig too close to their eyebrows, minimize their forehead, which looks not natural. Or place the wig too far back, and then your forehead looks more extensive than what it may be. On the other hand, we don't want the forehead to look bigger than it is supposed to be. Please put it on our hairline and move it up a couple of centimeters, and it is not directly on your hairline when installing the unit.

7. Installing the unit

    When it comes to installing, you can use glue, gel, or hairspray, anything your heart desires. Keep the wig where we placed it in our favorite spots. And if you're using hairspray, do not use a lot, or take your finger and rub it back and forth to avoid the drips. Then, spray as much as we need along the way, hold it down with two fingers, and blow-dry, and make sure to blow dry it until it's dry.

    Another thing that beginners do is they tend to move it as it's drying. Please keep it right where it's at, do not move it. It will turn white and flaky. 

8. Not securing your wig

    Our wig should be secured using a headband or use hairpins. The lace wig will be more secure in this way.

9. Styling your wig

    Some beginners feel okay to skip the styling process or style it to do the most basic styling. When saying styling, it means that your hairline in the front looks good. If we're going to add any baby hairs, flatten down your wig, which is mandatory, we cannot skip the step.

10. Not doing minor touch-ups

    Many beginners tend to put too much mascara, concealer, foundation, or a super white foundation, and it looks bizarre. We need to use a concealer or foundation that matches our skin to make our part look nice and clear. We can take a little brush to brush the lace but don't put too much because we don't want it to be too wet and look disgusting.

    We can also use black mascara to make the wig natural when we see a little bit of bleach gets on the root. When we're outside in the daylight, it doesn't look crazy.

11. Not removing wig properly

    Many people will pay much attention to the wig installing but ignore the importance of removing the lace wig properly. In fact, improper removal would cause a significant effect on our natural edges. We can use a wet towel to dab the hairline and gently peel it off.

    Meetu Hair hopes this blog will be helpful if you are a wig beginner. Visit www.meetuhair.com to order a cheap lace wig and get more information. 

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