Do we have to bleach knots on the HD lace wig?

    Hey everyone! This is Meetu Hair. We have found that some wig wearers are wondering whether we have to bleach knots on the HD lace wig or not? Our advice is if you're looking for a more natural look, then without a doubt that you would better blench it. 

    Meetu Hair will share with you all the methods of removing the obvious black dots in HD lace frontals and closures. Nobody wants to put makeup on their part every day, so read this article to find out how we can confidently say, "What lace !?"

Do we have to bleach knots on the HD lace wig

How to bleach knots on the HD lace wig?

    Things we need: Bleaching powder, a cream developer, a mixing bowl, an applicator brush, shampoo and conditioner, a spray bottle, gloves, and t-pins are optional, depending on if we're going to use a mannequin head. 

    Step1:The first thing we're going to do is put a couple of scoops of the bleaching powder into the bowl. Next, we're going to mix in the cream developer and stir it all together, and what we are looking for is a consistency that will match that of yogurt. Use more or less depending on how big or small the area we're working.

    Step2: Spray water along the hairline, which can help get rid of any flyaways. In that way, when we are bleaching the lace, none of the bleach accidentally gets on the hair.

    Step3: If it is a wig and not just a closure, it would be pretty hard to lay it flat down to bleach the lace. Turning it inside out and pin it to the mannequin head is a good choice. We can adequately see what we are doing when we begin bleaching the lace.

    Step4: We can apply the bleach to the lace when we have a clear view of the area working. Just use the applicator brush to gently applying the blench to the lace area. Please be careful do not to press roughly on the lace. It would end up when pressing through and getting on the hair, and then the roots of the hair get bleached. 

    In addition, the HD lace is super thin. We should clarify that we do not need to leave the bleach on for as long. We would probably do about 30 minutes for the normal lace, but as for the HD lace, 10-15 minutes for bleach to process is enough.

    Step 5: We need to wash the lace wig after bleaching, and we will see how it's the natural look when we wash it out. When we rinse the blench out with water, maybe it has a bit of a brassy orange tint to it, so that's where the purple shampoo comes in. That's just going to take away some of that orange tint, so let's get that sorted.

    Step 6: Let the hair air dry after washing, and when it's bone dry, we will be pretty happy with the natural look with the HD lace wig. The HD lace is thin and transparent, so once those black dots are taken care of, it will be a seamless finish.

    That's all for this guide. We hope you will find this helpful. Visit to get more information and order high-quality HD lace wigs.

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