Do You Want Straight Hair or Curly Hair

    When we go to the salon, it is a question that which hairstyle we would like to have. Bone straight hair or curly hair? Don't worry, today we will help you find out the best answer.

    First of all, let us start with the different features of these two types of hair.

Straight human hair

    Straight hair looks very appealing with proper grooming under sunshine. It's natural black shiny fits black community very well. School students or busy office lady like this easy-manageable hairstyle very much. It makes them look young and charming, and loving.  It also allows for multiple hairstyles. You can cut it into popular short bob hair or wear your hair up into ponytail or braid. Hair can last for at least 6-12 months with good care. Brazilian straight hair are the most popular hairstyle in term of its natural color and standard quality with favorable price.

Curly hair 

    Girls who fond of curly hair can rock everywhere from the office to the beach vacation. What's more, body wave hair is easily matching with dress collocation. You can be a shinny queen in a party or a romantic sexy star on the beach with your unique curly wave. Recommend you Malaysian hair bundles because hair is strong enough to restyle into other colorful hair in your like. Otherwise, if you do not want to have big wavy, Indian hair is an alternative because it has a natural small wavy wave.  Curly hair can blend well with your natural hair after combing hair with fingers. If you want to change yourself from hair look, try the curls!

     Above all, there are basic knowledge about straight & curly hair. On the other hand, we can choose a hair style according to own preference and face shape. For further question, we would like to discuss more information about hairstyle with you in future topics. 

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