How many bundles do you need to make a wig?

If you haven’t known how many bundles do you need for sewing, Meetu Hair will show the answer in today’s blog to help you.

How many bundles do you need depends on what style you are doing. The very first thing when you are choosing your bundles aside from style, lengths are the most important. The difference between shortest and longest bundles we need to know, the longer the hair, the shorter the wefts, which means both these bundles are the same amount of hair, so they weigh the same. Obviously if the hair is shorter, you're going to get more hair, so the wefts are going to be longer. If you have longer hair like 30 inch, you're going to have less whoops.

This is Rule of thumb for if you have a leave out or a closure
1. If you have bundles in 8inch, you only need two bundles.
2. If you are going to get longer than 8inch to about 20, you need three bundles.
3. You have to be very careful when you are getting over 20inch,three bundles could be fine, but things is your will be a scantly, four bundles would be better to make your hair look fuller.
If you want a normal-looking fullness, you could double the longest length.

When you are using frontal, it’s a little different, because frontal are from ear to ear that covers more space
1. If you have bundles over 10inch, you may need two bundles.
2. If bundles length past 10inch to 24inch, highly suggest three bundles is good for your sewing
3. If lengths over 24inch, we would recommend 4 bundles.

You could also choose different length to combine it, which can makes your hair more layered. like 18 20 and 22.

Overall, the whole general rule depends on the hair lengths and how the fullness you want.

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