How to choose an affordable lace wig?

    There are so many options before purchasing a lace wig, especially the different size of the lace, It can determine whether or not you will need glue to keep it.

    However, Most people are confused, Meetu Hair will focus on helping you become familiar with the difference and get an affordable wig that suits you.

    Lace wig mainly include lace front wig, 360 lace wig and T Part wig.

Part One: What is a lace front wig
    This kind of wig, the lace covers from ear to ear, and the lace front makes you hair more natural.

    4x4 lace front wig is a beginner wig, for people who love to take their wig off and put it back on you, which has the same effect as 13x4 but cheaper price.

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13x4 lace front wig is 13 inch from left to right, from ear to ear and its 4 inches from forehead back. It require some adhesive like a glue that can hold this unit down to your skin and allow a flawless natural look.

meetu 13x4 lave front wig

Part Two: 360 lace wig

A 360 lace human hair wig is a circle lace around the head. The human hair is knotted into the lace hole by hand. And It is made of high stretch machine-made wig cap, bonding with the lace edge.It needs ladies to cut the lace to create a beautiful hairline. It is much more expensive than lace front and T part wig.

meetu 360 lace wig

Part Three: What is a T Part wig

     T part wig is a human hair lace front wig, the ear to ear lace line at is 13 inch in the front, 4 inch deep middle part lace line.It has been pre-plucked well and natural hairline with baby hair. Meetu Hair use transparent lace, which is more comfortable, invisible and natural. T part wig is more affordable and cheap in the hair market. It becomes more popular among many ladies.

meetu hair t part wig

meetu T part wig

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