How To Define Yaki Hair

    When people talk about hair extension, they always refer to Yaki hair because it is difficult to identify it. Most of them always confuse yaki hair and remy hair. The reason why many of unpaid order of yaki hair in their shopping cart is that they do not know how to define yaki hair. The following article is the answer you want to know.

What is Yaki hair?

    There is a history about yaki. It used to come from the hair fibers of yak, an animal lives in Tibetan. In the beginning, people chose this animal for the source of yaki hair due to it is similar to human hair. However, the scientist finds out the human body is allergic to this fiber. So that people do not use this fiber from the animal. Therefore, they collect from human donors and remake it through various processes to feel and look as if they are still from the Yak.

Difference between Yaki hair and Remy hair

    Do not ignore this question, I also mix up yaki and Remy, which is the same hair texture. So you’re better not to make the same mistake. Generally speaking, Remy hair is cut from a single donor, cuticles intact, and all hairs going in the same direction from root to tip. On the contrary, Yaki hair related to the texture resembling relaxed Afro-Caribbean hair. Yaki hair is the texture of the locks. Yaki hair may be Remy, non-Remy, or synthetic. However, at our Meetu hair supply store, our yaki hair is cut from a single donor, cuticles intact, and all hairs facing the same direction from root to tip.

 Types of Yaki hair


  1. Silky Yaki hair -- Silky Yaki hair gives a flat-ironed look. It is the basic kind and not as smooth as they remain the littlest kinks that Yakis are popular for, these can greatly increases the volume of your hair nicely.
  1. Yaki straight hair –Yaki straight also call kinky straight. This hair looks very full and bomb. The volume is enough you don’t need to worry about it blowout after several hours. Kinky Yaki Human Hair Weave is more natural looking and usually has a thicker texture compared with other hair.
  1. Kinky curly– this is my favorite hair among yaki. The curl is sexy and beautiful. Not only look full but also can enhace your temperature. This hairstyle no longer belong to African-American or African-Caribbean women, you also try it.

Kinky straight hair

     Yaki hair is our meetu queen. Kinky straight and kinky curly are greatly recommand to you. It is always hot sale in our store. Come on! Have a try!

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