How to Prolong the Life of the Human Hair Bundles with Closure?

    Hi there, is Meetu Hair here. We find that the human hair bundles with closure are still the choice of most people. But how to take care of the human hair bundles with closure to prolong the life span is still one of the most frequently asked questions. Here are our tips for you. 

How to Prolong the Life of the Human Hair Bundles with Closure?| Meetu Hair

    Tip 1: When you receive your lace closure with bundles, please do not wear it up without washing and conditioning. You may think that it looks pretty when you first receive it, so it does not require extra care, and you wear it after taking it from the box. However, wig experts recommend washing and conditioning before wearing the wig. It can remove the residue on the hair and provide more moisture to the hair. The hair can stay healthy for a longer time.

    Tip 2: When brushing your human hair bundles or closures, be sure to be gentle. We know sometimes you are in a hurry, and you would push your hair fast, but this would not work, except causing the hair to shed like crazy. So be kind to them. Slowly brush them out, be careful and take your time, and we promise you your hair is going to last longer that way. A wide-tooth comb or a wig brush is a perfect choice for detangle the knots out of the hair.

    Tip 3: Whether makes the hair bundles with closure into a wig or sewn-in. When it comes to heat and styling your hair, we always try to preserve the hair. A heat protectant is really to help keep your hair healthy because it acts as a barrier. Therefore, if you are going to use ironing or hair straightener on your hair, spray some of the heat protectants on your hair which can help reduce damage to the hair. Also, we suggest you use less heat on your hair as much as possible.

    Tip 4: Dry shampoo will become your best friend. The reason is that the less touching and pulling and washing that you can do to your hair bundles with closure, they're going to last longer. 

    Tip 5: Wash the human hair bundles with closure regularly. It does not mean that we have no need to wash our bundles with closure, dry shampoo only helps to wash your hair less often, but we also need to clean and deep condition them to keep them healthy and last longer. 

    Tip 6: Air-dry the hair as much as possible. Using blow dry on the human hair will make it much easier to get frizzy, especially for wavy hair bundles with closure. So if you are not in a hurry, let it air dry as much as possible.

    These are our tips for you. We hope it helps prolong the life of your human hair bundles with closure. Buy the most affordable human hair bundles with closure, please visit Here is a special $16 coupon for you, coupon code:blog16. I hope you enjoy your shopping in Meetu Hair. 

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