How to sleep with water wave hair when back to school?

    Back to school is coming up, which means that busy days are coming. Every girl doesn't want their gorgeous curls to fall flat and get frizz and breakage at night. Keep on reading. We will show you the easy protective styles for sleeping with water wave hair and the proper hair care routine in the morning.

How to sleep with water wave hair when back to school

How to wrap water wave hair?

    One of the best ways to sleep with water wave hair is to wrap it in a silk scarf. Fold the scarf into a triangle and lay it on your shoulders like a shawl. Bring the ends of the scarf up and tie them around your head, then your curls shouldn't stick out. Take the piece of the scarf at the back and pull it up to create some hair buff. If your hair is long, it is better to flip it over to stretch the scarf. Then, push all of your curls inside and tuck the ends of the scarf under the knots. 

    Smooth and tuck any other sticking sections and tie scarf ends at the back. Make sure the wrap is firm enough to stay in place. Even when you turn and toss, please do not make it too tight, as this can cause headaches overnight. Wrapping water hair to sleep prevents damage and frizz and helps you to wake up with bouncy curls in the morning. 

How to plop water wave hair?

    Plopping can be used with either wet or dry hair. Take a cotton t-shirt and lay down flat in front of you with the sleeves away from your body. Place your hair at the center of the t-shirt and bring the fabrics to your forehead. Then, take the section away from you and put it on top of your head, making sure your hair stays inside. Finally, tie the arms of the t-shirt in the front and tuck in any pieces you don't like. Plopping with a cotton t-shirt is a good method to reduce frizz and achieve well-defined curls. This method is perfect for students on a limited budget. 

Pineapple and Medusa Clipping

    Putting hair in pineapple is a great way to sleep with curls. However, if your hair is long, the ponytail will fall to the sides. Therefore, you will also smash and flatten your curls. That's where clips come in handy. Pull sections of hair closest to the top and clip them with clock lips. If your hair is short, you may not be able to pull it into a pineapple, so clip strands on top of your hair and create a Medusa-like look. 

Make a pineapple bun

    A great bedtime hairstyle for long water hair is a pineapple bun. Use your hands  to put hair into a high ponytail but tie the elastic only once. When you pull the ponytail through the elastic for the second time, stop halfway and don't pull the ends out. Pile your pineapple bun on top and go to sleep. The style doesn't let your long curls tangle. It's ready to go in the morning. So when you are back to school, it doesn't take your time.

How to French braid water wave hair

    A french braid will secure your water wave hair for the night and minimize damage. Start by gathering a big chunk of hair at the top. Gradually add in new hair on the sides until you reach the nape of your head. Then finish braiding a traditional braid with the remaining length. Experiment with one or two french braids to see what hairstyle gives a better definition to your coils.

Silk Pillowcase

    You must have heard about the silk pillowcase for sleeping. But many people won't have one in the bedroom. If you don't have a silk pillowcase, why not make one from your silk scarf? Lay your scarf flat on a surface and place a pillow on top; then, pull the opposing ends up and tie them on top of your pillow. Do the same trick with the other two ends smoothing and tucking in and sticking corners and pieces. The silk pillowcase helps to protect your water wave hair at the night.

How to refresh water wave curls in the morning

    When you get up and let your hair fall free take time to wake up your curls. Give your curls some shake and pull at the roots. If you still lack volume, use hair powder for an immediate boost. Mist and scrunch the sections that fell flat. The moisture from the hot shower might be enough, or you can take a water spray bottle and mist only the sections that need restyling. Then use lotion and serum to smooth the frizz and define the ends. Shake and scrunch your curls until you have the structure you want. If your hair has too much gel in it, you might want to scrunch out the crunch with a t-shirt. 

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