How to Spot a Fake HD Lace Wig and a Good HD Lace Wig?

    Hi, this is Meetu Hair. If you are new here, don't forget to subscribe, we will share some hair care tips, the latest trends in human hair wigs, and some discounts. Today, we want to explain the difference between a good HD lace wig and a poor HD lace wig.

How to Spot a Fake HD Lace Wig and a Good HD Lace Wig?| Meetu Hair

    If you are a newbie, when it comes to lace wigs, We are convinced that it is not easy to figure out the difference between a fake HD lace wig and a good HD lace instantly. When you look at it side by side, you may find that they pretty much look the same. The whole point of this blog is to help you learn how to be not confused when you get two different lace wigs. 

How to spot a fake HD lace wig and a good HD lace wig?

   First of all, we will talk about the color of the lace. If you look closely and carefully, you may notice that the color is different. The color of a fake HD lace might be a little weird. It is pale on the skin, so it looks unnatural, then we will need lots of foundation and makeup to make it blend into our skin, while the color of a good HD lace is much close to our skin tone and can melt into our skin more easily.

    The color of lace is vital. Because the color tells us whether the wig can blend into our skin, whether it can connect seamlessly, or is invisible to our skin. If the color is strange and looks rough, this is likely not a good lace, which means you spend a lot of effort to make it look natural, but it still does not look good, so that is a waste of our coins.


    Another way to determine the quality of the lace is if it's super stretchy. Stretch the lace to see how elastic it is. If it is too flexible to hold its shape, it is not a good HD lace. We want the lace to have a little bit of stretch, not too firm. But we do not want it to be overly stretchy. If the lace is very elastic, it will be hard to maintain its mold, and it will not stay in its shape in our heads. So the stretchy is also one of the vital standards to judge the quality of lace.


    Another way to judge whether it is a good lace is to look at the softness of the lace. If that lace is stiff and when you are wearing it, and it makes you uncomfortable and itchy, there is no doubt that you are wearing a fake HD lace wig. The high-quality HD lace wig is softer and will not cause any uncomfortable when you put it on your head. 


    Last but not least, a good HD lace should also be thin. It should be as thin as possible, not too thick at all. We don't want our lace to be thick because it is not easy to melt in our skin. The thicker it is, the harder it will be to attach to your skin. Whereas the high-quality HD lace is thin, and it can melt into our skin as best.

    We hope this guide helps you to define the fake HD lace wig and high-quality HD lace wig. If you are seeking the most affordable human hair lace wig, welcome to Meetu Hair. Here is a special $16 coupon for you, coupon code: BG16. Hope you find your ideal hair in Meetu Hair.

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