Is It Advisable To Use Natural Oils On Human Hair Wigs?

    Do you know whether you should use oil on your human hair wig or not? Keep on reading, Meetu Hair will reveal the answer in this blog. 

    We think that the human hair wig still needs to be treated like our natural hair, so the answer to this question is yes. We should use oils on the human hair wig. But do you know which oil should we use?

Is It Advisable To Use Natural Oils On Human Hair Wigs?| Meetu Hair

    Virgin human hair is mainly composed of protein. All wigs need the same three factors as natural hair. First of all, human hair wigs need moisture to maintain elasticity and prevent brittle hair from breaking. Second, it can keep hair soft, supple, and smooth. Third, it needs protein to strengthen and repair hair.

    Oil is helpful to keep our human hair wig healthy for the following reasons.The oil also helps to moisturize and add the shinny on the human hair wig. The oil can penetrate the hair cuticle, helps keep the cuticle smooth, keeps the hair supple, strengthens the hair, and replenishes the protein lost in the hair.

Which oils should we use?

    There are mainly mineral oils and also plant-based oils. First, we need to know that hair does not need oils or moisturizers that prevent hair from absorbing moisture from the air or moisturizers. The mineral oil cause hair to become dehydrated and prolonged dehydration causes hair breakage. Therefore, We do not suggest using mineral oil on your human hair wig. 

    The oil that is good for the human hair wig is essentially plant-based oils, such as almond oil, which is high in VE. The argan oil, coconut oil, which is a superb oil and affordable too. Jojoba oil that acts like natural oil sebum found on the scalp. If you are looking for oil for your human hair wig, you can choose among these oils.

Can human hair absorb oil?

    If you think all of the oil can not be absorbed by the human hair wig, then you may have misunderstood. Certain oils can be absorbed by the hair, not so much absorption as penetration. Whatever, the result is the same. The oil that is outside of the hair ends up on the inside of the hair. Using plant oil on the human hair wig is a part of the wig maintenance that can make the lace wig look great and last longer.

    Our opinion here is for reference only. Thank you for reading. There is more information about human hair care in the Meetu Hair blog, and if you are interested in ordering the most affordable human hair wig, please visit to get your wig with a surprise discount.

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