Knowing These Secrets Will Make Your Human Hair Wig Last Longer

    Nowadays, many African American women are relying more and more on human hair wigs. However, for many ladies, a human hair wig is an investment. Everyone wants the life span of their wigs can be as long as possible. Here are some secrets that will help you to keep your wig last longer.

    Human hair wigs last much longer than the synthetic hair wig, but at the same time, the human hair wig is much expensive. There is no definitive answer for how long does a human hair wig lasts. It depends upon various factors. But in a word, taking good care of your wig is the essential key to prolonging its life span and make it worth your investment.

Knowing These Secrets Will Make Your Human Hair Wig Last Longer|Meetu Hair

Factors affecting the lifespan of human hair wigs

1. Hair quality

    Hair quality is a vital factor in determining the durability of any human hair wig. There are mainly five types of hair in Meetu Hair, including Cambodian Hair, Brazilian Hair, Peruvian Hair, Malaysian Hair, Indian Hair. The hottest selling is Brazilian hair. It is thick and dense, and virgin Brazilian hair is the best quality hair, so if you want to order a wig that can last longer, please choose the 100% virgin human hair wig or hair weaving

2. Processing

    The hair needs to be further processing after the hair is collected. And the processing is one of the important factors that affect the longevity of the human hair wig. In this process, the factory will treat the hair with chemical reagents. And then, the manufacturer will test the overall strength of the hair to determine the hair quality.

    Different wig manufacturers use different chemicals to clean the hair, so the quality of the hair is also different.The more processed the hair quality is usually worse. The high-quality human hair wig goes through the least processing and other treatments. The treatment does not include silicone additives used to make hair soft. The grade of hair can be divided into 8A and 10A. Most of the hair in Meetu Hair is the better one, 10A hair. 

3. How you take care of your wig

    The human hair wig can last longer than the synthetic hair wig, but it doesn’t mean you can slack on its maintenance. Avoid using heating and styling products as much as possible. Hair straighteners or curling irons can damage your hair, making them brittle and dry. In addition, it can also cause split ends and loss of natural luster of the hair. Put your human hair wigs on a suitable shelf or box to avoid knots in your hair.

    At the same time, keep your wig away from direct sunlight. Long-term direct sunlight will cause the wig to obsolete very early. Pay special attention when washing wigs and follow the correct instructions. Use hair care products specially designed for wigs to avoid any damage. Please do not wear a wig while sleeping or bathing to avoid it get knotted. Take off your wig when you sleep and bathe to make your wig last longer.

    Last but not least, the more you wear the wig, the faster it will wear out, which is an obvious fact. You can buy 2-3 wigs according to your needs. Buy high-quality human hair wigs at an affordable price, please visit Surprise discounts and lovely gifts are waiting for you. 

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