The Most Common Mistakes That Wig Beginners Would Make

The lace wigs are so pop now that almost every girl has, but we have noticed that some wig beginners have some misconceptions about lace wigs. So this blog is going to share some common mistakes that beginners would make to help wigs users make fewer mistakes.

Mistake 1: The lace not matches properly
There are too many kinds of lace wigs on the hair market, some wigs beginners are confused about how to choose the wigs. Some users will get a lace wig not matching properly. As a result, they have to put on makeup and tint the lace. The best choice is to get a lace that matches our skin tone.

Mistake 2: Capsize is too big or too small
It is very important to take proper measurements before buying a lace wig, or you will feel uncomfortable when you wear too big or too-small cap size lace wigs. If the wig is too tight, it may cause a headache. But when it is too big, you'll feel unsafe, and the wig can easily slide back.

Mistake 3: The hair is extremely dense
A lot of times we find that many people wearing these wigs which density is too heavy. It’s not always right that high density is better, we need to choose it according to our head style and face shape. In general, if you want to fulfill one head, 3 bundles with lace closures or 3 bundles with lace frontal is enough. But if the hair you choose is over 18 inches, 4 bundles would be better.

Mistake 4: Over-plucked
A lot of people like plucking to make their lace wigs looks more realistic, but what we suggest to do is order a pre-plucked hairline lace wig instead of plucking by yourself. If you feel the plucking is not enough, please be very careful when plucking, do not over-plucking. If you already have a piece that's super-duper bulky, and you want to reduce the amount of bulk in the piece, you can either thin it out with some thinning shears. Or if you know how to ventilate and you're well versed in that skill, you can just remove the hair in the places that you don't want and go back in and ventilate hair in places that you do want.

Mistake 5: Over-bleaching
Many people will also like to bleach knots to make the lace wigs have a more natural look, but this is a skill that many beginners do not master, so it will be over-blenching. Bleaching the hair knots too much can easily cause hair loss. Sometimes it will shed crazy because the bleaching powder will make the hair knots fragile.

Mistake 6: Cut too much lace off
Slay down a lace wig correctly is not very easy, a mistake that most beginners would make is that they cut too much lace off. If we cut too much of the lace, it would be difficult to fix or maybe cannot fix the lace wig. So please cut the lace carefully, make sure not to cut too much lace off, and not cut the lace with single knots of hair along the hairline.

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