What Is Cambodian Hair?

    Have you heard Cambodian hair before? We all know Brazilian Hair, Peruvian Hair. The Cambodian hair is becoming a new and popular choice recently for many beautiful girls and ladies. Some people also call it Barbie hair.

    Cambodian hair is collected from Cambodian donors, which is raw hair has mainly three styles, straight, wavy and curly. It has four distinct features from other kinds of hair.

Soft Texture
    The hair donated by Cambodian is welcomed by its soft and smooth texture. It is super lightweight, has zero tangling and minimal shedding. You could take less time to comb it.

Natural and Healthy Color
    The color of Cambodian hair is natural black. The hair is from one hair donor, it has never been processed and without chemical, and Cambodian has good diet and care for hair, so the hair looks very natural and healthy.

Easy Restyle
    Cambodian hair can be easier to restyle due to its texture, you could color or bleach it to the style you like. If your curl the hair, it can hold the curl for about 15 days.

Clean Hair Smell 
    Cambodian hair doesn’t have  the synthetic smell on it. Most Cambodian wash and care for their hair with natural shampoos, coconut and palm oil. It usually has a clean and natural scent.

    If you are worried and have no idea where to purchase Cambodian hair, Meetu Hair is your best choice to get Cambodian hair.


Meetu Hair Cambodian Hair


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