Which Hairstyle Is Better To Choose?

    When we are going to purchase human hair weave, we don't know which hairstyle is better to choose. As for hair bundles, we know that different hair types have different feathers. Therefore, let's discuss today which hair weave is more suitable for us. Before this, we first understand the difference between the two types of hair.

Malaysian hair--Thick, Shiny

    This hair is overly shiny, so it looks very luxurious. After repeated washing, the shine will not be excessive and become natural. Malaysian hair weave bundles is very strong, thick and thick, very natural and curls very well. The hair is very popular with South African celebrities.

     In general, good Brazilian hair weave is better at coping with humid conditions as it produces less frizz. Durable, dense and soft all are advantageous. This type of hair is not only very luxurious but also extremely soft and has a lot of both bodies as well as natural shine. It has a low-to-medium luster.

   If you need soft curls, Malaysian loose deep wave hair is a good choice. It is particularly suitable for women of African or African descent.

Peruvian hair--versatile, volume

    In recent years, Peruvian hair has become more and more popular because it is very versatile. You can adjust and curl good quality virgin human hair bundles repeatedly, and the effect will be very great. Peruvian hair is one of the softest hairs on the market.

    Peruvian hair is also multi-purpose and has as been featured in the media since 2010. It has the ability to look natural and full of volume even though the hair is lightweight

    Compared to Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair is rougher. Due to its natural soft texture, it may not hold curls like other types of hair. If you want a soft and natural look, Peruvian hair will be your best choice.

    If you want rough hair, Peruvian hair is better for you.

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