Which type of highlights wig is right for you?

    The highlights wig is a new trend for young girls, but the hair highlights are not limited to one style. When face with so many choices, do you know which type to choose? And do you exactly know which color highlights are right for you and show your beauty? Meetu Hair will try to discover which kinds of highlights are right for you!

Which type of highlights wig is right for you?

Hair Color Highlight Techniques


    The highlight color is also called the piano highlights color. In general, highlights is lightening specific sections of hair, and it is usually hand-painted. For example, we can highlight a dark color base to add some light shade in the dark underside to make the hair lighter and add depth and dimension to the hair. If you are tired of single-process hair color and looking for low-maintenance hair color, highlights are a great option. 


    Lowlights works similar to the highlights, but this technique is in contrast to traditional highlights. The color of the hair strands is darker than the base hair. Lowlights works well on blonde hair shades. 


    This technique creates a gradient from the toots to the hair ends, using the middle as a transition, gradually shifting from a dark hair color at the roots to a lighter shade at the hair tips.

What color highlights are suitable for you?

Honey blonde highlight: If you love blonde hair, we’re sure that the honey blonde will be to your liking. Honey Blonde is a hue that mixes golden yellow with amber-brown tones. It looks strikingly similar to that gooey stuff we all know and love. And, it’s one specific, sweet shade.

Ombre Blonde highlight: This color is also one of the hot-selling colors. It will add texture to the hair with a slight gradient of brown, blonde, and gold. 

Light-brown Lowlights: These light brown lowlights provide a perfect volume to the hairstyle and look gorgeous.

What hairstyle of highlights wig to choose? 

    The hairstyle is crucial. Different hairstyles make different felling. Meetu Hair supplies different hairstyle highlights wig: straight hair highlights wig, deep wave hair highlight wig, body wave highlight wig, and short bob highlight wig. You can choose according to your personal preference. Visit www.meetuhair.com to get more information and to order affordable highlights wigs.

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