Back to School Wigs Morning Routine

    It's back to school time. There are so many girls still at a college period. They don't have enough time to slave to the flatiron or a slave to the curling wand. They want to pop on the wig, get out of the house, and go to school, especially if they're late.

    In today's blog, we'll show you lovely ladies how to style curly hair and head out the door on the back to school day. This process will take roughly about ten minutes or less to get the wig together and leave the house. If you'd like to see how to get the hair wig quick and easily ready for school in less than 10 minutes, definitely check it out.

Back to School Wigs Morning Routine

    It's essential to choose a low maintained wig. Selecting a low maintained wig will reduce your work on the morning routine. Water wave hair and deep wave hair are both low maintained hair textures, so if you have no idea for your back to school wig, we recommend choosing the water wave human hair wig or the deep wave hair wig. Both deep wave lace wig and water wave hair lace wig in Meet Hair is the glueless wig. Besides, the hair is soft and easy to style, spray and brush through. You don't even have to style it in the morning. You could shake your hair and go to school.

easy and quick morning routine for back to school

    Things we need: spray bottle, brush,wide-tooth comb 

Step 1: wet the hair

    This process takes less than five minutes. It's a pretty simple task easy task. All we're doing is using water with a bit of conditioner in it and spray it on the hair. The water shouldn't look too milky, it's a little translucent. We don't need that much water because we don't want our hair to be super drenched, and we only want to define the curls.

Step 2: detangle knots.

    It's much easier to detangle the knots on the water wave hair or the deep wave hair when the hair is waterish. Gently brush the hair from the hair tip to the root. Once we have detailed all the knots on the hair, we have finished the morning hair routine for back to school. 

    Nobody likes problematic hair, so it's better to wear a bonnet at night. If you have been wearing it consistently at night, it will make a difference for your hair. It makes your hair easier to detangle when it's time to style it.

    When you are back to school, you will need to know how to do the quick routine in the morning. The glueless wig is easy to pop on in the morning and pop off at night, then put it right back on for school in the morning. So it will be a perfect wig for back to school. Ultimately, everyone wants to be beautiful but not late. 

    The back to school sales is going on Meetu Hair. Hope you all can bring in the new school year by wearing Meetu Hair affordable human hair wigs.

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