Deep Wave Hair Care Tips For Back To School

    Hi there, this is Meetu Hair. As we know, wavy hair needs more maintenance than straight hair. Nevertheless, deep wave hair is still one of the most favorite hair textures for many girls. However, it's nearly time for back to school. Some girls are upset because they don't have so much time to maintain their wavy hair wigs. Don't worry. Here are some quick hair care tips for you.

Deep Wave Hair Care Tips For Back To School

Tips 1: Satin Pillowcase

    The first advice it's vital if you want to preserve the deep wave curls throughout the wig, you should try it out. The first tip is to use a satin pillowcase. To conserve the curls while you're sleeping. Because when you toss and turn at night, the waves don't get stuck on a cotton pillow, which will reduce the causing friction frizz and managing the curl pattern. So the curls can last for a long time.

Tips 2: Cold Water

    Every girl is looking for a hairstyle that lasts a long time when back to school. This tip will help you keep the deep curls last as long as possible. Our advice is to run your hair under cold water. It allows the moisture to seal into the deep wave hair, allowing the texture and the pattern to stick back. Having a defined look that you're looking for. Once you go in and run the hair under the cold water, it allows the curls to bounce back when you're applying the conditioners to your hair. 

Tips 3: Deep Conditioning

    Tip number three is to help you to achieve healthy, strong, and beautiful curls. Deep conditioning restores the curls. It gives the deep wave curls a chance to rejuvenate, also get some moisture back into the deep wave hair. We recommend deep conditioning it twice a week. 

Tips 4: Microfiber Towel

    The fourth tip is significant when it comes to drying the wavy hair. Avoid using a regular towel that would damage the curls, create tension and frizz, and destroy any curl pattern. We suggest using either a microfiber towel or a cloth t-shirt. It prevents the curls from being frizzily damaged and destroying the curl pattern you might be trying to achieve.

Tips 5: Blow-dry

    When back to school, sometimes, you may be badly in need of this deep wave hair wig. You can't wait for the hair to air-dry. If you need to blow dry it, please adapt it on low speed and warm settings. It won't make the deep wave hair get too crispy and damaged. Using the curly tail diffuser will save the extra time that you would be spending. It also gives more bounce and more definition.

Tips 6: Try new things

    Don't be shy and trying new products, testing out different things that you might work for your hair. Try new products, new brands, various techniques of how to achieve a certain look. It helps you learn more about your hair and grow and understand what you're looking for.  

Tips 7: Co-washing

    Shampooing should be done on the less frequent side after you feel like your hair is starting to build up with product or oils. Co-washing is in-between stages. It allows your curls to preserve any national oils in your hair without stripping it and making it feel dry. We recommend shampooing and also co-wash the deep wave hair regularly. It's been conserving my curls without feeling like it's breaking or feeling dry.

    Here are all the tips for the back to school deep wave hair care tips. We hope it's been helpful for you. Now Meetu Hair is doing a special promotion of back to school season. Visit to choose your favorite wig for the new semester.


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