Brazilian VS Peruvian, Which hair extension is the best?

    When you are looking for hair extensions or hair bundles, you must have come across Brazilian and Peruvian extension. What is the difference and how to choose the most suitable hair extension? You may get quite confused.

    Here is going to introduce their features and allows you know more about hair extensions.

 About Brazilian Hair

    On the on hand, Brazilian hair is popular that can create different looks. The texture is very thick and has a lot of density.

    On the other hand, Brazilian has high quality and softness, it can be easily restyled, like getting it curly, wave, straight or other different styles.

    Most important is that Brazilian hair can maintain long-time shape in any weather condition, you don’t have to worry too much about the damage.

meetu brazilian human hair extension

 About Peruvian Hair

    Compared with Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair is much more thicker in texture. It is also flexible and  in variety styles: straight, wave or curly. The hair will be more denser after washing, you will get more natural hair in your look.

meetu peruvian human hair extension

   Which hair extension is better?

    Brazilian and Peruvian hair are similar in many ways. They are both famous and popular for its high density texture and flexibility. We can’t say who is the best, it decided by you. Whatever your choice is, choose the appropriate hair instead of purchasing it blindly.

    Meetu Hair provides you 100% virgin human hair extension and bundles, here is your best choice!

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