Let’s slay short bob looks!

    Short bob is almost suitable for each woman, this hairstyle seems never go out of fashion. It is also very convenient to put it on and need less time in maintain.   If you are tired of long hair and want to change a quite different look, short bob is the perfect choice!

    Short Bob has kinds of different styles which can make you cool or cute, such as straight hair bob, deep wave hair bob, blonde short bob. Meetu Hair will give you some advice and recommendations, you could choose the favored one.

1.New Arrival Straight Hair Bob Wig

    If you are a beginner or very confused, this straight hair bob wig is the right choice. The hair is very smooth and silky which makes your look neat. It is suitable in many occasions, includes attend a meeting, going outside and living your daily life. Don’t hesitate to get this now!

2.Cool&Chic Deep Wave Bob Wig

    Deep wave hair is not as monotonous as straight hair, which gives you cool and chic look. It is always right to pick the deep wave hairstyle. You can apply to parties, birthday, travel, celebration, wedding, whenever and wherever You are.

Meetu Hair Deep Wave Hair Short Bob Wig


 3.Elegant Blonde Bob Wig

    Every woman dreams of having beautiful blonde hair. This Blonde bob wig is totally different from the common wig, it has light color and can catch more attentions. If you are going to the party, blonde bob is the perfect one for you.



   $10 off over 2 items    Coupon Code: MTB10
   Time: Oct.30-----Nov.11
   Let's choose your favored bob wig!

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