Can old lace closure and bundles be reused again?

    Hey, dolls, this is Meetu Hair. Even though human hair wigs are so pop because of their convenience, lace closure with bundles are still has a large market share, which won't out of style for a long time. Today, we will work on Is the human hair bundles with closure are worth the hype? Whether the lace closure and bundles can reuse or not?

Can old lace closure and bundles be reused again?

    Human hair bundles with closure are also versatile as the human hair wig. We can use it to create a lace closure wig or sew it into our braids. Besides, you can also add the human hair bundle to your thin hair wig to add volume.

    Can closure with bundles be reused again? It is one of the issues that people are most concerned about. Normally, it can be reused, but it will take lots of our time and effort. Because we need to remove all of that bundles. It also depends. If you damage the weft in the sew-in, then when you remove it from your hand, it will break up, and become messy, so that it will not be able to be reused. 

How to revamp old bundles and closure? 

    If you want to revamp an old lace closure or reuse some old bundles from a wig, you have to remove it first. So first of all, we need to find out the entrance off, then gently take the bundles and closure apart with the scissor. The lace part is so thin and frail and easy to tear, so you should be more patient when taking it. It can’t be reused once it is torn off.

    Once remove all of the bundles and then fold them up and detangle the hair from bottom to top. As for the closure, just spread it out and brush the hair to get all the knots off. 

    When we get mainly all the knots off the hair. It’s time to washing the human hair bundles and closure. First, shampoo the hair to get all the dirt away. This is an essential step because only clean hair can show a healthy shine. Please do not forget to use conditioner after shampoo because conditioner helps to rehydrate the hair bring it back to life.

    Then we need to do is just let the hair air dry. Don’t forget to put on some oil or leave-in conditioner to lock in the water in the hair. It’s an optional step for straight hair. But for curly hair, we highly recommend you do that. After all of the steps, then we can reuse the human hair bundles. 

    Thanks for reading this blog, and we hope you find this guide helpful. You are not expected to the hair can reuse forever, so the service life of the human hair bundles is limited even under the proper maintenance. If you are interested in checking out some cheap human hair bundles with closure or human hair wig, please visit to get more information. Surprise discounts are waiting for you.

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