How to keep the water wave hair moisturized in between wash days?

    It's Meetu Hair. We will show you how to keep the water wave hair moisturized throughout the week in between wash days in this blog. 

How to keep the water wave hair moisturized in between wash days| Meetu Hair

    Step 1: First, take a spray bottle to damp the water wave hair, not a lot but just enough to where we can apply the product, spray at where we need to. Spray at the root of the hair because that's where we are getting the most top frizz, then spray a little bit of water at the ends to make it not completely dry. 

    Step 2: Take a thinner consistency leave-in conditioner to smooth throughout the water wave hair. We suggest using a thinner consistency leave-in conditioner so that you do not need to use these original products on washing. You can still use it for your moisturizing routine because they're so light, and they work well with other products. You can also use this on wash day and then refresh during the week with these products, which will help the hair constantly moisturize.

    It is best to rub it with your hands before applying, and it will emulsify and activate the product.

    Step 3: Take a curl-defining creme. Rub a little bit on the hands to warm it up, and then apply it to the hair. We recommend smoothing starting from the ends working with the way up because ends get the frizzy affairs for the most time. We also need to focus on the back where we do get a lot of frizz as well.

    Step 4: Concentrate some of the cremes on the edges where getting frizzy fast. Apply some creme on the hair at the front, push the roots back, and then smooth the top back. Hair won't be glued to the front of our heads In that way. 

    Step 5: The last thing we need to do is shake out the roots. Put the head over, and shake the roots, so the water wave hair does not dry flat. And since the hair is damp, wait for about five to ten minutes to let it dry.

    We hope you like this guide. It is worth trying if your hair is not lasting until your next wash day. Do this will help to keep your hair moisturize and healthier. 

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