Can We Straighten Deep Wave Hair Without Damaging It?

    Hi everyone, this is Meetu Hair, a well-experienced human hair vendor. We will keep on update knowledge about virgin human hair and hair care tips. This blog helps to save your money. We know some people like curly hair and also straight hair. If you buy two wigs, a curly and a straight hair wig, you can switch back and forth, but it cost a lot. So if you know how to straighten your wavy hair wig without damaging the curl pattern, you could save some money. We will show you some techniques that go from deep wave to straight, and the hair can revert to deep wave without any damage.

Can we straighten deep wave hair without damaging it?

A few tips before straightening

    Before we begin, of course, we need to start on clean it. Be sure to shampooing and conditioning the wig before straighten it. Make sure that the hair is clean. If we straighten the hair that is not clean, and we have used a product specifically designed to keep the hair curly, then the hair will not straighten out. The same, make sure to deep condition hair before doing any heat styling. Because we want the hair to have moisture, and of course, clean hair performs better than dirty hair.

    The first product we will apply is the dream coat anti-frizz treatment. It is an anti-humidity protectant that lasts three to four shampoos, which acts as a mini keratin treatment, helps the hair frizz-free results, and makes the hair silk.

    Mist some coconut oil over the deep wave hair to give it a bit of shine. At the same time, add some moisture and seal the water in the hair. Those products will keep the hair strong enough to protect the hair during all of the heat use.

    Before straightening the hair, divide it into small sections since it would be better to work in parts. 

    We can start by blow-drying the hair with a brush or use a hair straightening brush to gently knock out some of the curls at first, which helps to give the hair a smoothness.

    To knock out all of the curls, move into straightening the hair again with the hair straightener. Before straightening, we suggested applying a bit of the argan oil serum on the ends of the hair, which helps further protect the hair. Please do not use too much of this oil, or it will cause the hair to be weighed down. If you have something a little bit more lightweight, we would recommend using that.

    Adjust the straightener to whatever temperature we feel is appropriate for the hair, and then work in section again to straighten the hair down. Usually, we can get the bone straight hair after flat it once. If you want it to be more straight, you can do it twice. 

    Finally, press out the roots with the hot comb. Because the flat iron can't get to the roots of the hair as the hot comb can. When the wig straightens out following this method, you will see the hair is silky and smooth. One thing especially is, if you already have naturally textured hair, then it will look texture, not shiny. 

    We know some of you may worry about whether the hair can revert to deep waves or not. Don’t worry! All the products that we used on the hair prior are helping protect the hair so that it can revert once you wash the hair. The product has keratin that will keep those curls. As long as you take the correct steps to protect your hair, we think your wig should be fine.

    If you plan to order a versatile wig, we recommend purchasing Meetu Hair deep wave hair wigs. They are very lightweight and easy to manage, So this is a wig that you can wear every day. Besides, the deep wave hair in Meetu Hair is so soft, you could straighten it, and it will back to the deep wave curl pattern again after washing.

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