How to Style An Old Loose Deep Wave Hair Wig? 

    Hello, everyone, this is Meetu Hair. Loose deep wave hair has been trendy for its beautiful curly pattern. But curls can not last forever, so it is necessary to know how to style loose deep wave hair and make it look like the first time you receive it. Read on to see what you can do to style and keep the loose deep wave hair looking good.

    When you first receive a new loose deep wave hair wig, the curls are defined as healthy and shiny, but after wearing it for a period, you will see the hair got a little frizzy and look a little tangled. It’s time to restyle it.

How to style an old loose deep wave hair wig? 

    Step 1: Because the hair is tangled, first, we need to gently comb the bottom of the hair with a wide-toothed comb. We are not trying to go too deep in with the comb because we don't want to mess up the wave pattern too much. Just detangle the ends with the comb, and then finger comb the remaining hair, the middle and top hair. 

    Step 2: After detangling the knots, we will use the flat iron spray on the loose deep wave hair and apply some heat to this hair later. This spray is mainly a heat protector, which helps the hair soft and it smells good.

    Step 3: Now, going down with some mousse, any mousse would do. Apply the mousse to the place where we want to smooth the curls and lie down, such as the top of the hair. 

    Step 4: We will lay the hair where we have added the mousse with the curling iron, especially the top of the hair. In this way, the top of our head does not look like a helmet. And everything is laid and in the place where we want it to be.

    Step 5: Spray some olive oil sheen spray all over the loose deep hair. The oil helps keep our hair shiny and smelling good all day, not to mention, it will be easier to make us work with the hair.

    Step 6: Take each fan curl by itself one by one, and then wrap it around the curling iron. The purpose of this is to make the hair imitate the original look. So the hair will be looking brand new and have the same curl pattern we had primary. Loose deep wave hair tends to lose its curl pattern after a while, and it can get frizzy. So this makes the curls look the same as the curls you received the first time. We recommend doing this step if you have loose deep hair, and if it is starting to get old, this is a perfect way to enhance your hair.

    Another tip for you is, if you want a more volume look, we suggest starting higher up while curling hair, so you have the curls start from a higher section rather than midway, but it is totally up to your preference.

    Step 7: Last, go ahead with some olive oil sheen spray, which will make sure the hair is shiny and that it looks alive, gets sort of any frizz, and also smells superb.

    We hope this guide can help you restyle your loose deep wave hair. If your wig can no longer be restyling and reuse, you can get a new virgin hair loose deep wave wig in Meetu Hair at an affordable price.

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