Easy Tricks To Maintain Loose Deep Curls Overnight

    Hi there, this is Meetu Hair. Today we will show you how to maintain your loose deep wave hair curls for two weeks or longer in under five minutes with no need for flex rods or rollers. All using is a ponytail holder and bobby pins. If you are interested, keep on reading.

Easy Tricks To Maintain Loose Deep Curls Overnight| Meetu Hair

    Step 1: First, we need to take a strand of hair in the front at each side. This part is what people see most often when interacting with others. We need to pay more attention to these two pieces of hair. Take the hair end, follow the curls pattern, and twisting it up as if it was like a circle. Always keep your hands in the middle so that they can keep twisting. While it touches your head, use a bobby pin to pin it up. 

    Step 2: Detangled all of the loose deep wave hair. Part the hair into the right and left sides, then separate the hair into some small sections. Work in the partition makes it easier to get all the pieces right and ensures that we get everywhere.

    Step 3: Use your fingers to twist the hair up section by section. Make sure to follow the direction of the curls when twisting the hair. Twist it around first, then twist and pull the hair. You need to repeat this step about 3 to 4 times for a strand. While pulling your hair, do not pull it hard as if you were about to pull your hair out. Just pull it nice and firmly until you get to the end curling up. 

    Step 4: When each strand of hair is curled, we can put them together to make it a little bit thicker. Take a ponytail holder to tie the hair into a ponytail, then keep on twist and pull the hair, so now we get a big hair strand.

    Step 5:Take a scarf to lay it on the top because we don’t want anything left out. Put the scarf on to make the hair flat.

    Step 6: Finally, we need to take a sleeping bonnet before sleeping, then you will see how the loose deep wave curls boom the next day.

    This is an easy method to keep the loose deep wave hair curls last longer, it won’t take you over five minutes, but the curls can last at least a week. 

    I hope you find this guide helpful. If you do, please don’t forget to subscribe. We will share with you more hair care knowledge and the newest trendy human hair wig. In addition, we will give you a surprise discount if you want to purchase hair from Meetu Hair.

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