Five Affordable Ways To Store Lace Wigs For The Back To School Day

    Hey beauties, welcome back to our channel. With so many wigs that you have bought, it will be a headache to store these wigs. It's not a viable option to throw them all over the place. Is there any way to store wigs? We will tell you five affordable ways to store the lace wigs for the back to school day.

 Five affordable ways to store lace wigs for the back to school day

Method 1: Silk Bag

    The first method is very affordable and helpful. What we used to store the wigs is silk bags. As we know, most wigs we buy come in silk bags. Do not throw those bags so that we could use these bags to store our wigs.
    If you want to keep your wig in shape, you need to screw some paper into a ball, open up the wig, and place it inside the wig. And make the paper fits entirely into the wig. That will help keep the shape of your wig together. Last, use a hairnet to wrap the wig up, then put it into the silk bag. Make sure to put the closure or the frontal first, put it in facing down, so that means we're going to be doing it upside down.

Method 2: Ziplock Bag

    There is another thing for people who do not have silk bags. You could use a ziplock bag. These ziplock bags are very affordable, so you can buy some to store your wigs before going back to school.

Method 3: Wig Bag

    Number three method on how we can store the wig is using wig bags. Store the wig in the wig bag is quite good because you could put them in the bags when you do not want to wear a certain wig when you go back to school. Then we can decide to put them in a secure place or hang them up. That's why we recommend the wig bags. It gives us two options on whichever way we want to store the wigs.

Method 4: Wig Hanger

    The fourth way to store the wigs is with wig hangers. If you're going for the wig hangers, make sure that the shape of the head. Also, it still has something for you to hang the wig because with that hanger if you put your wigs on there, it helps keep the shape of your wig together. But if you live in an area that is quite dusty, we do not recommend using the wig hangers. You're going to have a lot of dust on your hair because the hair is just hanging out there, and then it's going to make your hair brassy.

Method 5: Mannequin Head

    Number five is to store the wigs with the mannequin head. One advantage of using a mannequin head to hold the lace wig is that it will keep the shape of the wig together. But the disadvantage is if you have a lot of wigs, and you want to use this method to store all your wigs, which means you need to purchase so many mannequin heads. It is very pricey, and also it occupies lots of space. But if you don't have any issue with it and want to keep your hair's shape together, you could go for a mannequin head.
    Those are the five affordable ways we recommend you store your wigs when you go back to school. We hope this guide is helpful for you. Back to school sale is going on Meetu Hair online store. We offer you a wide selection of affordable back to school wigs, such as loose deep wave wigs, deep wave hair lace wigs, water wave hair wigs, and so on. Hope you can find your favorite wig for the new semester in our store.

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