Wigs Or Weaves, Which Is The Better Option For Back To School?

    Wig or weave, this is a question worth thinking about. If you are not sure which one to choose for your back to school hair, don't miss this article. We will talk about the pros and cons of weaves and wigs in this essay. Try to help you understand which one is better for our hair, which one helps our hair grow, and which one is the best for our money.

Wigs or weaves, which is the better option for back to school


Pros of weaves

Pro NO.1: Protects hair from heat

    When getting the weaves into sew-in, it helps to protect the hair from heat. It's eliminating the maximum heat capacities you would probably give your hair, but there was no protective style. As we all know, flat ironing the hair every day can cause breakage and cause heat damage, ultimately not making this a protective style.

Pro NO.2: Long-term protective style

    Sew in can also be a long-term protective style. With the proper maintenance, sew-in can last a long time. It can last for up to 5 to 6 months. However, it means that it will need more care, but we think that you won't have so much time to maintain it when you are back to school.  

Cons of weaves

Con NO.1: The process is expensive

    You may think that the lace closure wig or lace front wig is expensive, so you decide to purchase the hair bundles, but you may not have noticed that you can not sew in the hair bundles by yourself at home. So you have to find your hairstylist, which costs you lots of money also will spend a lot of time. 

Con NO.2: A lot of maintenance

    Sew in also need lots of maintenance. You need to maintain your hair every two weeks at least. Also, you need to retain it because your hair will grow every month, and your braids will loosen. Therefore, you need to tie it up again, which means that you need to sit there a long time. Especially after you go back to school, you need to go to class all day and do not have time to spend on this. Besides, the sew-in braids will make you feel uncomfortable. 

Con NO.3: Minimal versatility

    A sew-in is not that versatile. When you get your hair sewn in, either going to have a middle part or a side part of fixings, the possibilities aren't inland. And if you're going to pay all of that money, you should get the maximum versatility with your protective side. 


Pros of wigs

Pro NO.1: Save your coin

    The pros of wearing a wig are saving coins. The wig may be a little bit more expensive than the bundles or even at the same price with bundles, but it's already made, already ready for you to pop it on your head.

Pro NO.2: Switch it up in many ways

    You can change your hairstyle every day with the wig. You can switch it upon them in as many ways as you want. You can wear it in a bun, a low bun, high bun, five bun, or two ponytails. The wig gives you so much freedom to do a different hairstyle. You will like to change your hairstyle to show your beauty to your classmates when you are back to school.

Pro NO.3: Save money and time

    It's not challenging to slay down a lace wig. Even a beginner can install it at home without one hour. If you would like you can install it by yourself at home, you do not have to pay anyone to do anything. 

Pro NO.4: The ultimate protective style

    In my opinion, the wig is the best protective style. Even glue down with glue adhesive. With proper use, it will not harm our edges. It's easy to put on and take off. The human hair wig allows you to give your natural hair tender loving care. 

Cons of wigs

Con NO.1: Customization can be a struggle

    Customization may be tricky for wig beginners. If you are unfamiliar with customization, you can check out more tutorials for customizing.

Con NO.2: Has to reapply often

    The lace wig will uplift sometimes, so you need to reapply it again. Besides, this is not a long-term style. You can't expect it to last for a month. It can stay for only about a week with glue or gel. 

    That is all the pros and cons of weaves and wigs. We hope you find this helpful for choosing your back to school hair. We would recommend you to choose the human hair wig. You can try different hairstyles with different wigs.

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