Five minutes on the go deep wave hair routine! | back to school edition

    Hello beauties, it is your trusty hair vendor: Meetu Hair. Today we will be doing a kind of requested blog by a few back to school colleges. We will show you how to do the quick deep wave hair routine. It's so simple and quick to accomplish in five to seven minutes. This is a great hairstyle for many of you back to school. If you are interested, keep on reading.

 Five minutes on the go deep wave hair routine!  back to school edition

    First, we will start by spritzing the deep wave hair with some water. It doesn't have to be soaking wet but just damp enough. Then it's easy enough to run our fingers through and work with.

    The first product we'll be using is the leave-in conditioner. We recommend using the luxurious moisture kind of conditioner. It is the main key product to define the deep wave curls and keep them from frizzy.

    Massage it all over the hair, from the hair roots to the tip. Don't leave anything out, especially, be sure to hit those stubborn frizzy areas! That is how we can get those bouncy fluffy results. The leave-in conditioner leaves your hair feeling so soft, defined, and so shiny. It's recommended to use it when you are about to leave the house for a long time. Using it during back to school time will keep your deep wave hair in good shape throughout the day.

    The second product that we will be using is vitamin E oil. This product serves as the sealant, ensuring that the deep wave hair is soft, shiny and smooth. Just put it on the hair when finished off the quick little routine by the conditioner. 

    Lastly, for these edges, we are going to slather, yes slather, not lay. Select these edges with some clear eco-styler gel. I'm saying slather because when back to school, you may not have time to lay the edges and the baby hair for most of the time. So in the busy school life, you can brush the baby hairs out with your fingers. 

    Lastly, do one final run-through with the styler. It helps ensure that the results are very soft and defined. Make sure you do this because it does help.

    I hope that you all enjoy this blog. If you are searching for your back to school new wig or want to know more about back to school hair care information, please subscribe to our channel. Meetu Hair is having back to school hair sale. You can enjoy a surprise discount once you purchase hair from our website: In addition, we will share with you some back to school hair care knowledge in the following blogs. 

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