How to make a thin wig look fuller before back to school?

    Hello, beautiful girls. Are you suffer from getting a wig that is thinner than you expected at an online store. Or sometimes, you may also find that your human hair wig gets the plus en plus thinner over time. So what can you do? Just throw it away? No, there is something you can do to save it. Today I will show you how to make a little density wig nice and full to your liking. So if you're interested in learning more about this, make sure you keep reading.

How to make a thin wig look fuller before back to school?

    Back to school is coming up. I'm sure that you all want to wear a new and beautiful look when back to school. Hope this method is helpful for you to create a new look wig.

   This easy method can be used on any hair texture, whether it's bone straight hair, deep wave hair or water wave hair. But we will take an example of the water wave hair in this blog.

    The easiest way to increase the hair density of a wig is to add some hair to it. So first of all, we need some hair bundles which is the same texture as the wig. If you have a wig and some tracks that match the wig texture or curl pattern, you can go ahead and add those in as well. Today, we will make the water wave hair wig look fuller, so we choose water wave hair bundles.

     Step 1: Place and secure the water wave hair wig on the mannequin head. 

     Step 2: Parting the wig and finding areas to add tracks to help thicken up this water wave hair wig. It's suggested to add row by row. Add it from the down to the top of the head.

    You can choose to use hot glue, standard clear glue to glue it down or even sew it down. But I highly recommend the hot glue. It's not so much trouble as sewing. Besides, it holds a lot better than the standard clear glue. 

    When you apply the glue, make sure to apply it in sections, as the glue does dry fairly quickly. Apply some glue, apply the track, apply some more glue, and lay the track. This step is pretty easy to do; anyone could do this. Just add the hair until you are satisfied with the hair density of the wig.

    Step 3: If you don't feel satisfied with the pre-plucked hairline and want to create a more natural hairline, you can pluck a little bit to create a gradient effect.

    Step 4: Finally, take a spray bottle, add some conditioner and water to the hair. Spray it over the water wave hair, wet it to help bring the hair back to life and get the original curl pattern. 

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