How Many Bundles Of Deep Wave Hair Bundles Do You Need For a Full Head?

Before buying the deep wave hair extension, many people will be confused about how many deep-wave hair bundles we needed for a full head sew-in. There is nothing worse than running out of hair in the middle of the sew-in. So today, we will talk about how much hair you need for a full head.
deep wave hair
Influence factor of how much deep wave hair bundles we need

First, how much deep wave hair we need depends on what style we are going to do. Whether with lace frontal, lace closure or leave out.

Second, the density of the sew-in is a determining factor of how many bundles we need. So when determining how much hair we're going to use, we need to consider how wide we want to sew in and the spacing of the hair. That will determine how much hair we need because if the spacing is closer together for a fuller look, we will need more hair. But if the spacing is broader, then we won't end up using as much hair.

Third, another thing to take into consideration is head size. Some people have a large head, and they might need more deep wave hair bundles, and others have smaller heads; they might have a whole bundle leftover.

Forth, bundle size is also a determining factor in how much hair we need. The standard size of a deep wave hair bundle is 3.5 ounces, but some companies have a 3.7-ounce bundle and even a 4-ounce bundle, but for this blog, we will use a standard 3.5 ounce.

Fifth, the length of the hair is critical. One thing that we have to understand about bundles is that every bundle is almost the same weight, so for two deep wave hair bundles, the longer the hair, the shorter the weft, the shorter the hair, the longer the weft.
deep wave hair

Sixth, the quality of the deep wave hair could determine how much hair we need. Sometimes, when people buy the deep wave hair bundles online from a vendor that they've never used before, they might get some hair with many short pieces in the bundles. So we're going to need more bundles because the hair is so thin at the end. So make sure to choose high-quality hair bundles.

Meetu Hair offers high-quality deep-wave virgin human hair bundles, which won't be lots of short hair mixed in; you can buy it with confidence.

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