Must Try Wet Look Routine To Get Juicy Curls!

Hi there, we are Meetu Hair. Deep wave hair is so pop for the summer days and also for the vocation. But the deep wave hair will get big if we don't tape it properly. The summer is coming up; every girl wants to be the curly hair queen in the summer. So today, we will share how to get the deep wave hair to be pretty, flat, defined, and not fluffy.

Wet Look Routine For Deep Wave Hair

Step1: Firstly, we will show you how to put some moisture in this hair and get it to stay for a whole wig. Section the hair off in half, and then section it off into smaller pieces just because it's going to be easier to detangle in that way. Take a denman brush and brush the hair. So now, take a spray bottle and spray down the hair or you can also open the pipe and dampen the hair using the tap water. We need to humidify the deep wave hair with but not drench it. We don't want to soak it because we don't want it to take a long time to dry.

Step2: Brush the small pieces of deep wave hair out one more time; then, we will go in with the leave-in conditioner and the hair milk. Mix one pump of leave in one pump of hair milk up on your hands, put it in the hair, and then brush it through.

Step3: Put the mousse in the deep wave hair; this will help the curls be defined but not drenched. You would expect it to get tangly and stuff for a curly hair texture, but it doesn't get too tangly after the moose.

Add about five pumps of mousse on the hole head, starting from the top of the head and going down, and make sure you get it at the end of the hair as well, and if you want the curls to last for a long time, you can put a little bit extra mousse. We recommend placing some mousse at the back of your head; if you're trying to prevent yourself from tangling at the back of the neck. Take some mousse and put it directly at the back of your head; the mousse is going to make the back of the wig get stiff, so even if it's rubbing against your neck, it's not going to tangle because it's already that's a tip, try that and let me know if it works for you.

Step4: In this step, what we do is seal in the moisture. We need a deep moisturizing butter, take it to rub it in your hands, and then rub it down the hair; it will give the deep wave hair the shine and seal in the moisture that we did with the leave-in conditioner.

Step5: Add a little bit of gel on top; the gel is just going to make the deep wave hair stay flattered longer because we don't want the hair getting big. Just put it on the hair, make sure we get it on end, brush this through, and then leave it to air dry or use a diffuser, and then we will get the hair looking nice and flat, even very much natural.

Step6: Finally, spray some oil on the deep wave hair lace wig, especially at the top and front; this will give the hair a little shine.

So this is an ordinary wet look routine, suitable not only for deep wave hair lace wigs but also for the deep-wave human hair bundle with closure; we hope you can do the same treatment to your deep-wave hair. If you find it helpful, please follow us, Meetu Hair.

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