How to Apply Wig Slightly Behind Natural Hairline?

Hi there, this is Meetu Hair. Are you getting tired of having to glue the frontal down in the front and doing that whole thing? Today, we will do a tutorial on leaving the front baby hair out with our natural hair. If you have a perfectly natural hairline, exposing your actual hairline will give you a more realistic look.
How to Apply Wig Slightly Behind Natural Hairline?

    Step 1: blench knots will give us a more natural look, so it's best to blench the knot. It is also an optional step if you don't like, or you don't want to damage your human hair wig by blenching, and you can use the other method to deal with these tiny knots.

    Step 2: a flat base is significant. As usual, we need to tie up our natural hair first before putting on the lace wig. And then we put on the wig cap and a wig grip on top of the wig cap.

    Step 3: pull out just a tiny bit of the hair in the front so that we can use our natural hairline. So once we had the hair that we were going to use out, we need to iron our hair lightly with flat irons. Don't forget to spray some protectants before perm to protect your hair from damage.

    Step 4: take the wig cap off and use the got 2B spray on the front because it does have a stronger hold, take the wig cap and press it into the got 2B glue, leaving just a little bit of it out, so we can have enough room of it, so that lace part of the wig can stick to it.

    Step 5: blow dry it a bit to get it nice and tacky, and to make sure the cap is actually like sticking to our hair and that it's sticky enough for the lace to stick to our hair if that makes sense.

    Step 6: press the wig into place and using the end of a rat tail comb in the blow-dryer to kind of set it and make sure it's bone dry and it's not going to budge.

    Step 7: once the lace front wig is dry and in place, added a little of the foundation powder along the trace over the actual parking area of row scalp and kind of blend that into the parting area of the wig and then take an edge control to silk the edges back.

    Step 8: Lastly, take a little bit of the foam to warm our hair. In that way, we can get a nice part and then take a comb to get the parting line as straight as possible.

    This is pretty much it for this blog. If you wonder where to buy cheap human hair wigs or human hair bundles in Meetu Hair or any further questions, please visit

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