Tips on installing the T part wig

  As the T part wig is new to the hair market, maybe someone is still not familiar with installing the T part wig. Meetu Hair will share you with some tips on installing the T part wig.

Tips on installing the T part wig

Foundation color

  When putting the foundation on the lace, we always use the same foundation color as our face complexion, so Meetu Hair recommends using the same product that we use on our face. We don't want to go too dark because if we go too dark, the lace will sit on top of your head, and if we go to the light, the lace will show super bright. Tap the foundation above the hairline, and keep in mind to get your right complexion color because if you do have the wrong complexion color, it will be a little weird.

Cutting the lace

  In front of the T part lace wig, a piece of lace covers the entire forehead. We recommend using the scissors to cut the extra lace off but not using the whole scissor method. Cut the lace as close as possible to the hairline to create an irregular curved line, do not cut it straight across your forehead, which will make you look a little bit funny because nobody's natural hairline is straight across. 

Wet installing

  The lace blend better when the lace is wet, but if you are already put your makeup on and then put on the T part lace, it may ruin your makeup, so a quick tip is to cut the lace a bit shorter that won't mess up your face. 

Applying glue

  If you want to glue the T part wig down, applying two layers of glue will make it more secure. Do the middle center part first and then the two sides. When it's still a little bit wet, put down the lace. Please don't touch the glue with your fingers when placing the glue adhesive. That will cause it to leave a trace on your hairline, which makes it look unnatural. 

  So there are all the tips on installing the T part wig. We hope this blog can help you lay down a T part lace wig well. Thanks for your reading. Buy affordable human hair T part wigs in Meetu Hair, contact us to get a surprise coupon. 

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