How to Care for Human Hair Wigs?

    Human hair wigs are necessary parts in every girls’ daily life, they are made of human hair that must be handled gently. It will have longer lifetime if got proper care and maintain. But a lot of people don’t know how to take care of their hair, especially beginners.

    Meetu Hair will give useful guidance of caring human hair wigs from the following 3 aspects.

  Part One: How to wash a human hair wig?

    1.It is highly recommended to wash your human hair wigs every 7-12 days. Washing it too frequently will shorten its lifetime.

    2.Comb the hair gently before you wash the wig and remove all tangles.

    3.When washing, using Shampoo to wash your wig,don’t put the wig in the boiling hot water or microwave,  just let it under the cool water

  Part Two: How to Keep the Wig Moisturized?

    Apply a small amount of human hair wig conditioner into every hair when the hair is still wet. And then repeat the washing process and do the same thing again

 Part Three : How to make your human wigs last longer?

    1.The best way to dry your hair is air dry, which has less damage than heating.

    2.Put your wig inside the ziplock bag, it can keep dust from going on the hair.

    3.Do not wear your wig while sleeping. It may result in hair breakage.

    Some people tends to wear the wigs for three months or longer time, it will definitely shorten wig’s lifetime. 

    Meetu Hair highly suggest girls keep changing wigs and give wigs a break, the wig will last long and more importantly you could try many different styles.

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