How To Co-Wash Brazilian Deep Wave Hair Bundles?

Hi there, we are Meetu Hair, a well-experienced hair businessman. We want to show you how to co-wash deep-wave human hair bundles.

Before we begin the co-wash, we need to prepare these things below: a wide-toothed comb, a conditioner, a shower cap, or a plastic bag. We also need some scissors to cut off the paper and the rubber bands around the bundles.

The first thing we are going to do is take off the paper because we don't want it breaking up inside the deep wave hair bundles when they get wet. So we take off it first and leave the rubber bands on the hair bundles. It is easier to wash them because they are all together and not loose.

Once when we have taken all the paper from the bundles, just put them aside, and then clean out a sink because we want to work with a clean sink. We will put the hair in the sink without any leftover toothpaste or anything like that inside the sink because it will get in the deep wave hair bundles.

Then we soak wet the deep wave hair bundles, and we don’t need to get the weft sweat, mainly just the hair, so make sure that the water is going all the way through the bundle, but we don't have to worry about getting the wefts wet.

Squeeze some of the water out once all the deep wave hair is pretty soaked, and then use a pretty generous amount of conditioner on the hair because we want to saturate the deep wave hair bundles with the conditioner. Then put the conditioner over the whole hair and kind of massage it through. When we massage, slide down the hair, not getting the conditioner on the web or where the rubber bands are, but mainly on the hair, and not the ends. Go in the downward motion, so there will be at least amount of tangling as possible.

After covering all the deep wave hair bundles with conditioner, use the wide-tooth comb and start detangling the hair. They shouldn't be tangled since we don't mess with them too much. But if they tangle, we need to brush the hair from the bottom part and work the way up, repeat the same step throughout all the bundles, detangle all the hair bundles.

Here, this an extra step that you can choose whether to do it or not. Grab all the deep wave hair bundles together and then put even more conditioner to make them fully saturated with conditioner, so they can get covered and have a good sit while they are deep conditioning.

After that, set the deep wave hair bundles inside a plastic bag or a shower cap, then let the hair sit for about 25 to 30 minutes. After that, rinse out the conditioner with cold water instead of warm water. The cold water helps to seal and lock in the moisture as opposed to warm water opens the follicles of the hair. Run the water from the rubber band down to the tips of the hair in a downward motion again. Please make sure that the conditioner has rinsed out. The water is getting inside of the middle of the hair bundles, just not on the outsides, because once we untangled the bump or unravel the bundles and when we want to air dry them, we don't want a big glob of the commissioner in the middle. You should be careful and make sure that the hair has rinsed out, and while rinsing the hair, we can also use the wide-tooth comb to brush them out again.

Once we finish rinsing out all the conditioner from the Brazilian deep wave hair bundles, We need to use some leave-in condition or Argan oil on the hair bundles. And it is time to take off the rubber band, unravel the hair, and hang up the deep wave hair bundles to air dry it.

The Argan oil and water spray in the hair would make the hair shiny and pretty, so we highly recommend using it. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and I hope it helps you out on how to co-wash your deep wave human hair bundles or just curly hair bundles in general.

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