Can Deep Wave Hair Be Straightened?

Hi there, we are Meetu Hair, a well-experienced hair business that focuses on hair products for almost ten years. We will not only offer high-quality products but also share some knowledge about virgin human hair.

Deep wave hair is a very pop hairstyle right now. But girls who are with deep wave hair for a long time want to change their hairstyles because they don’t like the hairstyle anymore. So they will ask: Can I straighten my deep wave hair? The answer is yes. But it needs to be ensured that the hair is 100% virgin human hair, with no synthetic fibers or other materials.

How To Straighten The Deep Wave Hair?
Now we are going to show you how to straighten the deep wave hair. There are two ways we can straight the deep wave hair, both chemically and physically.

Method 1: Chemical way
We need to use the chemical relaxer to straighten our deep wave hair. We can purchase the Chemical relaxant kits at pharmacies or beauty supply stores. Unless you have received professional training, or it is difficult to use these kits effectively, so we suggest doing them at the hair salon.
It can take several hours to infuse the hair with the chemical solution. And if we straighten the deep wave hair in this solution, it can be permanent straight, but this will harm the hair. So we don’t suggest you do this, maybe it will be better to buy a new straight hair wig.

Method 2: Physical way
Most people don't like chemicals, so we recommend using a blow dryer, a hot comb, and an electric flat iron.

Step1: Using the blow dryer with that bristle brush head attachment to stretch the hair up.
Step2: Blow-drying the wig cap, which is very important in the case that we want to wear our wig right away because the wig cap will be a little wet if we don't do that.

Step3: Sectioning off the hair into small pieces and using the flat iron slowly go through the hair. Before using the flat iron for each piece, we need to comb through the deep wave hair and spray it with the flat iron perfector. It is the straightening mist that helps to flat iron the hair in a protective way.
Step4: The closure is an important part that needs special treatment. Just lay the closure hair down and section off along the three sides of the closure to cover the tracks, and take a hot comb run through the human hair to make sure it is flat. Using a wax stick to lay on the hair and then run the hot comb on it. It would make it flatter. Remember to lay some hair down in the back to make sure it covers the tracks and no track showing along the back.

The hair will get back deep wave curls after it gets wet with a chemical solution. In addition, you can try to use a straightening comb to straighten your hair, which has an electric heating pan. It can prevent overheating your hair. We recommend that using the medium to low heating level to protect the hair texture. Too much heat will produce straighter but can also cause hair breakage. While heating with a blow dryer, adding some leave-in conditioner can help moisturize the hair.

Thank you so much for reading. If you need a deep wave wig or any other kinds of human hair products, welcome to Meetu hair.

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