How To Color Your Human Hair Bundles And Closure Blonde?

    Hey beauties, this is Meetu Hair. We will show you how to achieve the perfect blonde hair color, so if you want to go from black hair to blonde hair without having to visit the salon and save some money, keep on reading.

    Here is what we need: powder bleach, cream developer, some hair toner for the blonde, as well as some toning shampoo. We also need gloves, aluminum foil, and some garbage bags to clean up your mess.  

How to color your human hair bundles and closure blonde| Meetu Hair

    Step 1: First of all, we need to unravel the entire hair bundle, then keep it doubled up, which will help us later. Grab all the webs at the top, and clip them together at the base. Once you have it all clipped up, go ahead and make sure all the hair is comb down before you begin to bleach. Make sure that there are tangles free, then just lay it down. 

    Step 2: Mix the bleach mixture to make sure the product is mixed well. Once we thoroughly mix the product, it is thick as pancake batter consistency. It will give us a nice platform for an even result.  

    Step 3: Once we have the bleach mixture prepared, apply the bleach mixture on the bundles, starting from the bottom and then working the way up to the top. Turn both sides of the hair extensions and make sure to get both sides, then take the clips off, and turn inside out to ensure we get all the strands of hair, the bundles will be completely blonde in this way.

    Step 4: After we have finished applying our bleach mixture, take our pre-cut pieces of foil, drop that bundle in there, close it up and leave it on for 45 minutes. Be sure to time this and check your hair frequently to ensure it is the color we want and avoid over-blench. Make sure to blench one human hair bundle at a time. If you need to blench some bundles, repeat the process. 

    Step 5: Check that hair. As soon as you think it is processed, rinse it immediately with water. Water stops the bleach and the developer from processing the hair and lightening.

    Step 6: Not only can you get the bundles the perfect blonde color, but we will teach you how to bleach the lace closure or lace frontal as well. Because it has involved lace in hair and is the front of our hair, make sure the lace closure is perfect, as this is the first thing others see.

     Put the lace closure on a wig block, like a mannequin head, pin it down and then bleach it a piece by a piece. We do that to minimize the error and help us place the bleach exactly where we want it.

     Step 7: After blenching the human hair bundles and closures, carefully lighten hair again, if needed.

    Step 8: Wash the hair bundles with closure with toning shampoo. What the toner does is take out those brassy orange slash yellow tones in the hair. It will make hair looks a lot more neutral and a natural blonde. If you think it’s needed, you can also use liquid toner to make it look natural. Just apply it on your hair bundles and closure, wait for 30 minutes, then rinse it out. Also, you can blench the knots on the lace closure to make it look much better.

    Bleaching and dyeing your hair extensions can be tricky. We have made this tutorial in detail for you, so you can bleach your bundles with closure to any color you want and not damage the hair or waste your money! If you are lazy and think the process is tiring, you can go to Meetu Hair to select your blonde hair

     Thanks for reading. We hope you will find this guide helpful. 

    If you are interested in cheap human hair bundles with closure or virgin human hair wigs, Meetu Hair is the hair vendor you can trust.

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