How To Create A Natural Hairline On T Part Wig?

    If you think that a T part wig does not look natural, this blog will change your perspective on the T part wig. Meetu Hair will introduce T part wig customization in this blog.

    We all know the lace part on the T part lace wig is a tiny piece. Some people want to see if we can customize it to give it a more natural look. Although it has less lace, the T part wig will also look natural when we've finished the customization. Meetu Hair will show you how to customize the T part wig. 

How To Create A Natural Hairline On T Part Wig?

T part wig customization

    Usually, when it comes to human hair wig customization, the first thing we need to do is bleach the knots. Although there is only a tiny lace area in the T part wig, we can bleach the knots on the T part wig. We need to bleach the areas around the lace that have the single strand hair on there. The rest of the cap is just weft hair, so we don't need to worry about that. This process will take about 20 minutes, and then the knots will turn a brownish color.

    The next step is to tweeze around the hairline. Just pluck a little bit of hair because the T part wig doesn't have a lot of space at the front. So please don't take out too much hair because we only need to thin it out a little, very lightly, without being heavy-handed that can help us create a natural hairline appearance. But if you have a T part wig that comes with a pretty decent pre-plucked hairline, you don't need to tweeze anymore. And then we can do the hairstyling as we want, adding curls or straighten the hair. 

    If you want to apply this T part wig without glue, there are combs on each side of the wig; you place them into your hair, and then just cut off the extra lace, then the lace will melt into your skin. If the lace color does not match your skin tone, we recommend taking a bit of the foundation and bronzer to apply around the hairline and the parting to blend with the skin tone. When we have finished the T part lace wig's customization, it will look like a full lace wig or a 13x6 lace front wig since it gives you the entire hairline to customize. 

    We can wear the T part wig with the middle part that it comes with, or wear it without the parting, just by pushing the hair back; that's the second style. And if you're feeling very creative, you can take the wig and shift it to the side and create a side parting, but this wig is more for convenience than it is for customizing.

    Tips: Take the simple styling spray, spray it all over the hair. And if you have any problems with any of your wigs, such as tangling at the nape area, take this spray and spread it at the nape area before you wear your wigs; it will give that hair lubrication so that it will not tangle. 

    T part wig is the most hot-selling collection in our online store. Meetu Hair offers affordable 613 short bob T part wig, transparent lace T part wig, highlight T part wig, etc. If you want to Shop for cheap T part wigs, please contact us to get a surprise discount. 

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