How To Define Curls On Water Wave Hair?

    The water wave hair curls will become undefined as time goes on. Today, Meetu Hair will share how to define water wave curls, to get them back to their original curls pattern without getting frizzy.

How To Define Curls On Water Wave Hair

    Step 1: In fact, we don't need to do a lot to get juicy curls on water wave hair. First of all, we need to use some eco styler and a toothbrush to fix the part, to brush it up to make everything neater, because sometimes, like when we're sleeping, the hair gets all over the place. So make sure that that part of the hair is nice and defined because we want to make our wigs look as natural as possible.
    Step 2: Then, take a spray bottle and spray the water wave hair to get it damp enough to put a brush through. Ensure that all the strands are wet but not super wet if you don't want dripping wet hair. Then brush it out with a large paddle brush, and we would recommend focusing on the ends because the tip of the hair is where all the frizziness starts to come into play, so make sure you get the ends.
    Step 3: So after the hair is nice and damp and all the way through, the next is going to be a foaming wrap lotion. We need to use a generous amount on our hands, take it from the top of the hair, and go throughout every strand, so this is what looks in the wet look, making our hair stay glossy and doesn't get frizzy throughout the day. Put a little bit more at the end and concentrating some in the front because sometimes this hair does get frizzy in the front.
    The essential part of maintaining bundles or human hair wigs or anything like that is treating it like we treat our hair. When it gets caked up or things like that, it just has too much product build-up, so we should wash it, deep condition it, and this hair is going to last you as long as it should and even past how long you think it should.
    Step 4: To make sure that the ends of the hair don't get frizzy. We would recommend adding some gel at the hair ends, but it doesn't need to put on the whole head because it is a little bit heavier. Please put it on the ends and then comb it out, and this keeps those curls at the bottom, keeps them nice and elongated, and that's what we want, and we don't want to shrink up and get frizzy. So it keeps the curls like it keeps the ends of your wig looking nice and juicy.
    Step 5: We can put a little bit of the bio silk soap on the hair to the water wave hair for a little extra oomph and extra shine, which helps shine last all day. And then, if you're a person who hates flyaways, you can apply wax on the hair that helps everything just lay nice and flat.

    If you follow this tutorial, let me know what you think about this tutorial, thanks for reading. Meetu Hair supplies cheap water wave hair lace wigs and human hair bundles with closure. Contact us to get a secret discount.

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