How To Fix Over Bleached Knots On Lace Front Wigs?

Over bleaching is common. Sometimes we make mistakes when bleaching the knots, maybe the bleach is too watery to reach the hair or some people accidentally use too much force, which caused the bleach to leak. If you over-bleach your knots and make the hair roots look golden, don't worry, it can be repaired. This blog will show you some quick and easy ways to fix over-bleached knots on lace front wigs.

 Method 1:

If it’s just slight over bleaching, we can treat it simply, parting the hair and use a regular marker or a black pencil to hitting all the over bleaching area, this method is more of a temporary fix.

 Method 2:

We can use mascara to brush the human hair gently on the roots to cover the over-bleached areas, then air dry or blow dry it. But mascara would be like a quick fix which is not permanent.

If it's a quick fix, we just mess up what we need to fix right away, then opt for the mascara or the marker. But if it’s severe or extensive over bleached, the marker or the mascara may not work.

 Method 3:

For a permanent solution, we need to dry the human hair. What we need is a hair dye that matches our lace front wig color, a comb with a rat tail, and a small spoolie brush.

 First, follow the instructions to mix everything thoroughly, we need a little bit not too much, then we use the small spoolie to apply the hair dye to the human hair, we're going to start from the roots lightly pressing on it and get as close to the roots as possible. Make sure to be very light when we're touching on the roots because we want to avoid accidentally dye the knots back to black. It's probably going to take about a good 30 minutes to get through your whole head. Once we have finished the whole hair, let the hair dye sit for about 30 minutes. After that, rinse out all of the hair dye and wash the lace front wig with shampoo, make sure that there’s no dye left inside. Finally, hydrate the human hair with conditioner, let it sit for about 5 minutes, and then rinse it out.

 Then we can examine the lace front wig to see if anything is missing. If there is still some brassiness in the middle part, we can put some black spray on another spoolie and go as close to the roots as possible, fill it in on the areas that needed it, touch up all the areas where you feel it needs a little bit more attention.

 These are three easy methods to fix over bleached knots on lace front wigs, hope this is helpful for you!

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