Brazilian Deep Wave Hair Vs Brazilian Water Wave Hair

As we all know, the curls of deep wave and water wave are similar, many peoples are confused and wonder about the differences between these two hairstyles. So in this blog, we will compare the deep wave and the water wave to help you distinguish between them.

Deep Wave Hair
Feature of deep wave hair
The deep wave hair has tight classic voluptuous waves. The hair texture is soft and smooth, it's just kind of flow. But they are much deeper than water wave hair and that results in tighter curls.

Water Wave Hair
Feature of water wave hair
The curl of the water wave is not in a single direction, but in the opposite direction, which creates a lot of volumes. The water wave hairstyle is very similar to the African American hairstyles, so they can blends very well with their natural hair.

The Similarities Between Deep Wave Hair And Water Wave Hair

1. They are both 100% Brazilian human high-quality virgin hair, with no tangle and no shedding. They can last for a long time, up to 12 months.
2. Both the Brazilian deep wave hair and water wave hair can be dyed, bleached, and curled, we can restyle the hair easily.
3. They are characterized by massive volume and make your hair appear rich and full.
4. In general, there are both healthy, shiny, bouncy with the highest elasticity under the proper maintenance.

The Difference Between Deep Wave Hair And Water Wave Hair

As we can see, the curls of the deep wave and water wave are a little similar, but in fact, the water wave looks looser than the deep wave. The curl patterns of the water wave hair are in the opposite directions, but the deep wave hair is facing in the same direction. Therefore, even in the same density of hair, deep wave hair can create a larger amount of hair than water wave hair. The deep wave hair is more romantic and lovely than the water wave hair.

This is the difference between deep wave hair and water wave hair. How to choose the hair depends on you. If you want to have a plump hairstyle or you like crazy exaggerated style, pick water wave hair, it will give you a different look with a large volume hair. Water wave hair is also one of the most pop hairstyles now. If you want to get a more adorable and sweet look, pick deep wave hair.

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