How To Maintain Soft And Sleek Human Hair Weave?

    Hey beauties, are you sick and tired of your crusty weave? Well, it's time to upgrade it to some flawless shiny flowing beautiful bundles. You are lucky because we decided to share a secret method to keep the old weaves looking new in this blog. So bring out your old wigs and weaves from stash. They still need some love! I hope you enjoy this guide! 


How to rescue your weave?

    It’s so annoying having messy hair bundles and closures, so just following this guide to help you rescue your weaves and closures.

    If your hair gets seriously tangle, especially the ends of the hair are easy to mess up. At this moment, it’s hard to run your finger through the hair. The first step we need to do is detangle the hair. Some water with conditioner will help you to detangle the hair. Using a wide-tooth comb to comb through from the bottom to the top will help you get the knots little by little.

    Use silicon mix hair treatment to cover your human hair bundles. You only need to soak it and make sure it gets around all your hair. The ingredients are not hazardous, so you don't have to wear gloves if you don’t want to. Covering the hair in the mix is quick and easy to achieve. After that, take a bag, place the weave inside the bag. Then tie the bag up and waiting for about 20 minutes.

    Be aware that this product only works on virgin human hair. You can use it on both human hair weaves and human hair wigs. However, if you have synthetic hair products, the silicon mix hair treatment is not for you, do not use it to avoid messing up.

    Wash out all the products. This silicon mix hair treatment does not work as shampoo or conditioner. If you want to shampoo and deep conditioning your hair, go for it, but it is not a necessary step.

    We hope you find this blog helpful. If you did, do not forget to leave a comment. We will share with you more hair care tips and tracks in the next blog.

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